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“You’re Fired, we’ve hired a robot to do your job”

youre-firedDid you see this?

A UN Report This Week:

Robots Will Replace Two-Thirds of All Workers in the Developing World

That ought to scare the bejesus outa ya

From lawyers to taxi drivers

Accountants to lawn mowers

Robots are slowly but surely automating you out of your chosen career

You’ve already seen a TON of jobs go overseas

That’s only set to happen more and more

In many ways Trump’s winning presidency campaign was a result of millions of folks that suffered because jobs are being shifted overseas

It’s happening here to

Turnbull keeps spruiking the “innovation economy” what does that mean for you though?

Usually it means a younger person taking your job or worse your job being outsourced O/S or automated by innovation

Then what?

Middle aged and over qualified for work that no longer exists

Good luck getting a job that pays you what you’re worth

My advice?

Be proactive instead of reactive

Get to work NOW on building the next phase of your life

Your single best opportunity to set yourself up for the coming disruption is a business

and the best business is an ecommerce business

Buy low in China/India

Sell high in rich developed economies

It’s a tried and tested strategy that’s been around for hundreds of years

Wanna learn how to do that?

Then I’m your man

Take a look at the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

246 people just like you all sick to death of getting by

and taking action to make things better for themselves

Join us

Neil Asher

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