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You, a secret millionaire?

Did you ever meet someone that was rich?

Not “a few million” rich…

… no i’m talking really rich, like 10’s of millions rich

I have

Wanna know what I asked her?

I asked her where she was going on her holidays this year

Pretty dumb question huh

In my defence I had ZERO idea she was loaded

She dressed like a rancher and swore like a miner

She drove a shitty car and wore a timex watch

It was only afterwards that I was told she was worth $45 Million

Have you met anyone who’s very wealthy?

If you have did you ask them how they made their money?

Chances are you have and you probably didn’t even realise it

That’s real wealth for you

Not having a new Mercedes on a lease

or a house you can’t afford

That’s dumb

Rich people manage their money well and only have smart debt

You can tell that they’re rich if you know what to look for but for the most part they’re quiet and unassuming, just like you and me

Since meeting her I’ve met a lot of other wealthy people, wanna know their secret?


Plain and simple

all rich people are action takers, they get a LOT of things done

Sure that means that some things that they try don’t work

But the ones that do work… holy cow do they ever work!

That’s why they’re rich right?

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Neil Asher

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