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Written Whilst Hungover

Systems in your business mean that you can do other stuff whilst your systems make cashola for you

Case in point

My long suffering business partner in the UK Matt Duggan did a free webinar for the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs on Monday night

Matt spends about $120K a month on Facebook ads for our clients

He’s gotten good… VERY good at making sales online through Facebook as you can imagine

In fact, last year we did $25 Million in ecommerce sales for our clients, mostly thanks to Facebook


He did a free webinar on Monday to show the folks in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs how to sell their stuff on Amazon using Facebook

It was a brilliant webinar


Matt Screwed up the times

He’s in London

We’re in Oz

The webinar was set for 8pm (Sydney time) and Matt started at 9pm


I’d just arrived in Portugal and was nursing a hangover from my first night out in Lisbon with my wife Natasha

(We were at a cool little wine bar that served the tastiest port ever!)

So I was as much used as a chocolate fireguard for the webinar

Indeed I was asleep at 10am here in Lisbon thanks to a combination of jet lag and Port

Thankfully one of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs took charge and sorted things out

The webinar got done

Matt recorded it

and as a bonus for screwing cup the time zones Matt has offered to provide one on one help to anyone that wants it for their Facebook campaign

So everyone is happy 😀

That’s what I love about the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

We’re a community

We have great people right across Australia kicking ass on Amazon

All pulling together to help one another

So even if Matt screws up the time zone, and

I’m hungover from my first night out in Lisbon

The cashola creation still rolls on!

That’s the power of being part of a community of like minded people

Want to take start your own online business and get help from people just like you that are making oodles of cash online?

Then come join us!

You’ll get all the training and support you need to make it happen

Check us out here

Neil (drunk in Lisbon) Asher

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