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worst girlfriend eva!

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaidaaaajge3ndjjztezlwvhn2mtndg2my1hndc4ltkyy2fiodizzjhjmanote – I’m not at all proud of what I’m about to tell you… I’m only giving you the gory details to make a point as you’ll see

Back in my single days I had a thing for married women

I’d look for ladies who were clearly smart, not valued by their husbands and bored with the status quo

Usually their husbands worked in very high demanding jobs that kept them at the office from 7am to 8pm and on call the rest of the time

I’d usually find these magnificent creatures at the Gym or yoga or even at the coffee shop

spotting them was a no brainer, they clearly were trying everything they knew, to get their husbands to take notice of them… to no avail… hubby was i love with his job

I’d meet them and very quickly let them know that I was there for a good time not a log time

I had no desire to break up a marriage, the husband was doing a stellar job of that

One day I found “Caroline”

She was typical of the bored lonely woman who’s husband was more interested in advancing his career then taking care of his wife

We had coffee and I gave her my pitch

“I’m not interested in coming between you and your hubby I’m just interested in getting wild with you”

It was longer than that but you get the idea 🙂


We start seeing each other

Things are fun

Lots of sexay-time

Then little by little

Things started to deteriorate

“you should have known that’s what I wanted”

became normal

She wanted me to be a mind reader

It all went pear shaped after that…

let me tell you, guys are terrible at mind reading

We’re kinda dumb when it comes to emotional intelligence

Ladies are hard wired to know that, men, not so

Now I’m very happily married my wife Tash and I go on a date night every Friday

The first 10 minutes of the date night is direct honest communication

Clear the air, it works well

Much better than expecting each other to know what’s happening in each others heads!

If you follow my step by step systems, It’s not like that when you sell things online

If you do what I say it’s VERY clear what your customer wants

All you have to do is create a product that gives your customers what they want

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You’ll be glad you did

Neil Asher

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