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You won’t believe how much this meal costs

The Danish head chef from Noma (Worlds Best Restaurant according to San Pellegrino) Rene Redzepi,

Is opening a “pop up restaurant” in Mexico

You may remember that he had a pop up here in Oz earlier this year

I hired a call centre in the filipines to call non stop for 24 hours to try and get a table for 2 for my wife and I

along with 54,000 other people

Needless to say I lucked out


The ticker price for a 13 course meal (with wine) in his new restaurant…

$1000 Aussie dollars per person

Now if that’s made you choke on your latte

or regurgitate your soggy cereals

I’m not surprised, that’s one heck of a bill


What I love is that tens of thousands of people are queuing up to pay it

That’s all about brand

It’s the exact same thing on Amazon

Lots of useless goo roos will tell you to price your product according to the other people and what they’re pricing

What a load of garbage!

Nothing is further from the truth

If the only thing your product has going for it is price, frankly, you’re screwed

Trying to sell on price is a race to the bottom and in that race the Chinese will win

$1 an hour salaries

1.2 billion people looking for work

You can’ compete with that my cash hungry friend

Instead build a brand, be smart with your marketing, tell a story, offer a unique benefit

That’s the key to long term ecommerce success.

The sexay and intelligent people in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs know that

Our products are 20% more profitable on average

That’s 20% more cashola to your bottom line

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Neil Asher

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