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Where to source products to sell on Amazon

So yesterday I covered what to sell on Amazon and today I want to cover where to source products to sell on Amazon

Now most people immediately think of China when it comes to sourcing products to sell on Amazon.


That’s not always the best route to take.

In many instances when you’re just getting started it can make much more sense to source your products right in Australia.


2 words for ya

Shipping and MOQ

Lets start with MOQ – MOQ (minimum order quantity) is the smallest amount that a manufacturer in China will let you order.

Often times that’s 500 or so for the kind of items we’re looking to sell <$30 a pop

Which could be OK if we’re buying at a buck or a buck fiddy as that would be an upfront investment of $500 – $750

No biggie.

BUT if we’re looking at other products in the $5 a pop range then it starts to get a bit funkier as we’re talking about a $2500 investment upfront.


Add to that the cost to get them into Oz and through customs and pay for the tax breaks that big business gets and all of a sudden you’re looking at the sharp end of $3500.

Ok lets just stop and do a quick reality check here, $3500 to start a business is peanuts, really, if that’s too much for you though REJOICE for I have a solution!

I’m a big believer in starting small, testing an idea, if it works we invest money into it to grow it, if it fails we move on to the next idea.

That’s pretty much my business philosophy summed up, people that like me tell me I’m pragmatic people that don’t tell me I’m an arsehole 🙂 it all depends on your point of view right?

Anyway, start small to grow big!

So instead lets order from someone here in Oz that’s purchased 2000 units of the product in China, slapped their margin on it and is now selling as a wholesaler here.

How do we find them?

Simples, we just google it

Here’s the search term if you want to sell cosmetics:

Private Label Cosmetics Australia

Or if you want to sell supplements

Private Label Supplements

See how that works?

Here’s the formula

{private label] + {Whatever you want to sell}

Or Wholesale, contract manufacturer and White Label work just as well as private label.

Here’s 7 companies that I have used or one of the people who have done This Amazon Australia Training Course have used:

Australian Vitamin and Sports Nutrition (my favorite)

There are LOADS more but this is just to show you it’s real and easy to do 🙂

They’ll let you order in smaller quantities, test your idea and then if it works you can buy through China and save even more.

Listen if I’ve wet your appetite with this I suggest you learn this stuff properly!

It is brilliant and the best value on the web.

Check it out here

I love it because there is a brilliant community of people like you and I all helping each other, it’s incredible!

Check it out here

Frankly if you’re enjoying the emails and this training you’ll LOVE the my Australian Amazon FBA Training Course