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When Sarah Cheated On Me

landscape-1444749886-gettyimages-200152733-001I got an email this morning from one of my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, Sarah

She told me that she’d strayed from the path and had purchased a goo roo shiny product from click bank for $97

The product was teaching people to make cashola using click bank and promised to make you $100K a month in a few months

Usual goo roo garbage

But in a moment of weakness Sarah strayed and was seduced by the great sales copy

She purchased and instantly regretted it

The up-sell was $4000 for coaching to “implement” the program

So just like when you think you really fancy fish and chips and you eat it only to feel kinda sick and fat after (is that just me?) she had goo roo sickness for a week after

She came back to me to tell me she’d strayed and could you come back into the group?

I told her that normally when people stray they get divorced 😀

But naturally I took her back in

Listen it’s easy to get seduced by bright shiny goo roo’s promising $100K a month

But let me tell you, building a business does not happen overnight

It is not easy

It’s a simple process (find a group of people in pain, solve the pain for them, help them after) but it ain’t easy

Any goo roo that tells you it is is just plain full of it

If you want to learn how to build a real business then come join 246 other Aussies all building their own real business on Amazon

We like to think of it as get-rich-slowly-but-surely

And if you’re as smart as I think you are you will too

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Neil Asher

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