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What Will Sell Well On Amazon Here In Australia?

OK yesterday I shared with you my proven shortcut to find all the amazeballs products you could ever need to make a great income on Amazon or Alibaba.

Today I want to show you 10 products that will sell VERY well on Amazon Australia.

Fair Warning

Making money can be boring as hell.

wolf-of-wall-street-partySo if you’re after crazy parties with coked up hookers and gigolos (wolf of wall street style) you’re gonna be pretty bored for the next 5 minutes…


Think of it this way, the lifestyle that you’ll get by hitting your FREEDOM NUMBER will be brilliant fun 🙂

OK so first up I AM going to show you specific products that will sell here but if you’re smart you’ll ignore them and focus on the niches that those products sell in.


Well how many people do you think are gonna read this?

Think some of them will copy what I’m saying and sell the exact product I show you?

Course they will!

So, focus on the niche not the product ok.

What’s a niche Vs a product?

Well selling supplements on Amazon is BIG business, by big I mean you could easily build a $1 million a month business big.

So supplements is the niche and the product might be Garcinia Cambogia, like this:

what to sell on Amazon australia

I happen to know the person who sells this product, he’s an ex policeman living in Ohio. I know that he sells $1,000,000 a month of this product alone!

He operates at 50% margin meaning his clears $500k a month… think about that.

Australians LOVE to look good, we’re an outdoor culture, think this would do well here? You bet your ass it would!


Lets continue the looking good theme with some exercise equipment, Australians LOVE to go to the gym, indeed we have the highest ratio of gym memberships per capita in the world!

what to sell on amazon

I love this product because again it’s light weight (cheap postage) unbreakable (limited returns) and bloody popular!

This falls into the exercise niche of course 😉

Let’s get into another hot niche now baby.. ooops sorry missed a comma there! Let’s get into another hot niche, babies.

There that’s better, that’s a bit forward for us at this stage of our relationship don’t you think?

So babies. All those mums need supplies for their new offspring, they want to get good prices, they’re busy, sleep deprived and want a simple solution.

what to sell on Alibaba in Australia

Now this sells for $38 on Amazon and it’s selling well!

Hmm wonder how much money they’re making… well lets see if we can find a similar product in China we can buy at wholesale prices:

selling on Amazon

Ah hah!

We can buy them at $5 a pop in China, so figure another $5 to get them to Oz and past customs and we have $10 a pop landed here, ready to sell at $38!

Giving you a $28 profit 🙂

How many of theme would you need to sell a day to hit your freedom number?

I’d need to sell 20 a day, with 312,000 babies born every year here in Australia I think I can find 20 a day don’t you?

beard4_3490551bFrom babies lets move on to beards, bloody hipsters they’re everywhere!

Drinking their almond milk lattes and riding their fixed gear push bikes.. bloody hipsters!

Hmm wonder if we can make some money here though, bet those beards are itchy as hell!

Men if you’ve ever tried to grow a beard you’ll know what I mean, ladies if you’ve ever gone “brazilian” you will too!

what should I sell on amazon

Well well well!

There’s money in them thar beards!

Wonder how much I could buy them for in China, I’ll bet you a dollar I could source them for a buck no worries, and that includes getting my own branding put on… i’m thinking of calling my hipster brand beard conditioner “Scratch That Hipster Itch” like it?

OK so we’ve done supplements, exercise, babies and beards now what? OOO I know! Vibrators!

selling on Amazon australia

OK stop sniggering!

Vibrators are big business! Who wants to go into a shop and buy a sex toy? Porn stars that’s who!! For the rest of us I’ll buy my sex toys with a healthy dose of shame thank you.

OK getting the idea here?

Here’s 4 more niches that work VERY well for selling on amazon Australia:

Automotive Parts & Accessories

(car wash, parts, accessories etc)

Wearable tech

(fit bits, virtual reality, smart tracking)

Arts, craft and sewing

(sewing machines, thread, needles, kits, fabric dye)


(spatulas, scales, bakeware, knife sharpening)


(organic pillow cases, cool pillows, cotton sheets, bamboo bedding)

Patio, Lawn & Garden

(BBQ utensils, pool cleaners, smokers, solar power, gardening equipment)

Seriously the list goes on and on!

Right now the market is WIDE open for us, Australia is at the start of it’s huge growth, Jeff Bezos has publicly said he wants to dominate all online retail sales in Australia.

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