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What To Sell On Amazon Pt 4

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Holy Amazon Halloween Costumes Batman!

OK Neil “why is there a picture of wonder woman”?

You may well ask, and to that I’d reply, why not!

As much as the buxum loveliness of Linda Carter is a joy to behold there is a point to her appearance here.

Today I want to give you another great strategy to find products to sell on Amazon.

I’m a big believer in using data to make educated decisions rather than guessing.

Guessing what will sell on Amazon is for poor people.

Lets use Data instead.

First start with an idea. Whenever a BIG Hollywood movie is released there is a ton of search traffic and retail sales associated with it.

Think Minions and the squillions of dollars that the merchandising for that created.

So lets head on over and see what movies are due for release next year:

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

OK lots of great movies to choose from (including my fav wonder woman!) but lets focus on the new spiderman movie.

LOTS of retail opportunities around that, now lets check out the nearest holiday, released in July so Halloween is the closest holiday that makes sense right?

So lets go to the Google keyword planner and see what the data tells us:

what should i sell on amazon

OK now we’re talking!

LOTS of people searching for Halloween costumes and 2000 a month searching for Spiderman costumes.

Let me tell you, someone searching for a Spiderman costume is ready to buy!


Ok now lets see if we can source them cheaply and sell them at a nice profit.

For that we’ll head on over to Alibaba and search Alibaba for spiderman costumes for kids and see what happens:

what to sell on amazon


We can buy a great Spiderman costume for $2.50!

Now we’re talking!

These bad boys sell on Amazon all day long at 20 bucks a pop, so quick maths:

100 x $2.50 = $250
Shipping and taxes into oz = $250
Landed cost here in Oz = $500
sale price $20 x 100 = $2000
potential profit = $1500

Not too shabby and my guess would be that you could make that in June, July, August, September and October! giving you $7500

Holy mother of mercy we’re rich!

Well perhaps not but still $7500 is a ways towards our freedom number right?

You bet your sweet bippy you do!

Now, listen up.

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