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WANTED: Novice Crew To “LEGALLY Rob Banks.”

My dear old mum back in blighty is 72

She’s an avid gardener and loves watching dancing with the stars

I speak to her most weeks and once a month or so I’ll try and explain what I do to her

“I buy things from Asia and then sell them to westerners”

Is my standard approach

That’s a pretty easy way to understand selling online right?


She doesn’t get it at all

She can’t wrap her head around people shopping online

She thinks they’re crazy to let the Russians get access to their credit card details :d

and when I pushed her she told me that she just tells her friends that she

“Thinks I Rob Banks!”



So the $45K a month i make on Amazon is like robbing a bank to my mum

Which is kinda cool don’t you think?

I remember that famous quote from the famous bank robber Willie Sutton

When he was asked why he robs banks he simply said

“because that’s where the money is”

Well I sell on Amazon because that’s where the buyers are!

Want to join me selling online?

Then start a new business in 2017 and let me show you everything you need to make it a huge success!

Neil (Amazon Robber) Asher

Does Kamarga work