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Vote For Yourself


Labor/Liberal/Greens… NONE!

So the circus is finally leaving town

It’s vote day, and I for one am sick to death of hearing the same old crap coming out of all the politicians mouths

Bill shorten will blow the budget!

Malcom Turnbull will privatise medicare

The greens will ruin everything

and on and on it goes

I suppose it could be worse, we could have a choice between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton!


Talk about damned if you do and damned if you don’t 😀

So for 30 seconds I want you to be none of the above

I want you to be an entrepreneur!

Come Sunday the election will be over, we’ll have a prime minister. life will go on

But you and your life could make a dramatic change today by getting started in your own entrepreneurial business

This coming Tuesday (the 5th July) at 7:30pm

I’ll show you how to get started in a business, a business that will thrive no matter which muppet is running things!

Not liberal
Not labor
Not Green

—> Vote For Yourself ENTREPRENEUR! <—

Screw the election it’s time to do something for you!

You can vote for yourself here


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