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A Virgin Sacrifice + A Marketing Lesson

_61046952_benp_bbc_summer_solstice0042Copying things can make you very wealthy

case in point

A bloke in Esperance in WA has built a fully functioning replica of stonehenge

Stonehenge (if you’re a cultural baboon) is in the UK and is where druids used to sacrifice virgins to ensure crops would grow, amongst other paganesque type stuff

Now we sacrifice politicians, that doesn’t work either 😉


Stonehenge gets half a million visitors a year and rakes in mucho cashola

This blokes replica is getting 30,000 visitors a year!

He’s starting offering souvenirs

(one hopes he’s not offering virgins but who knows!)

So now he’s making cash

Smart guy

It’s mostly Aussie’s going to see the copy henge, so that suggests that you could build replica’s all over the world

Stonehenge Italy to cater to Italians
Stonehenge China

etc etc

and herein lies the lesson

One of the simplest ways to make cashola online is to simply copy something that’s working in one country into another

It works like gangbusters!

I’m currently copying 3 successful business ideas from America into India

Great Success!

Want to learn how to do that properly?

Then come join the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Here’s the link to get in on the action

Neil (no virgins were sacrificed in the writing of this email) Asher

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