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What To Do If Trump Becomes President

Don’t think Trump can win?

Think again my compassionate friend

Never underestimate the resilience of presidents and the stupidity of Americans

There’s plenty of chit chat out there about how Trump has not only just killed off any faint hope he had of winning the election, he’s poisoned the GOP for a long time to come.

That’s just BS

If the Democrats can recover from a sitting US president engaging in sex acts with a 22-year-old in the Oval Office that would make a porn star blush, the GOP can recover from essentially giving its faithful the nominee they actually wanted to vote for.

So don’t think for 1 second Trump can’t win now…

He can, in fact if I know marketing i’d say he probably will

Just look At All That PR!

When you think of the presidential candidates who do you see winning?

Who comes to your mind first?

Trump right?

That’s called “top of the mind marketing”

It’s why big companies constantly run ads on TV

So when you think of buying a washing machine you think of….

and when you think of baked beans you think of…

Get the idea?

Anyway my money is on trump to win

Now wait just a god damn second my precious little cupcake, that does NOT mean I want Trump to win

So before you email me a vitriolic diatribe that would make a sheep shearer blush just re read that last sentence.

it just means that I know marketing, I know how marketing works, I know how to sell things.

One thing that consistently works is top of mind marketing.


Now that America is screwed 😉 what does this mean for you?

Well if you have a job in an industry that exports to America I’d be concerned right now

If you’re in a career that relies on free trade then i’d be looking for something more secure

My tip?

Start an online business amigo

You can buy cheap from the east (China, India etc) and sell at a profit to the west

It’s a time tested strategy that works

Best place to sell?


Wanna learn how to do that?

Then check out my amazeballs course here

It’s trump proof!


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