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How To Triple Your Leads

B2B lead genDo Your Prospects Know What To Do Next On Your Site?

Picture your sales and marketing process in your head for just a moment. If you’re like many business owners, you likely spend a lot of time, money and effort sending web visitors to your landing page. Then, once they’re on your landing page, you likely spend a lot of time, money and effort to get customers to a form …

… and then what? You can’t simply cut the engine and hope that the momentum that got them this far will coast them through the form to conversion.

This is the mistake I see the most on landing pages, for business we work with.

A good headline, good copy, everything executed well … then the visitor gets to the form and it simply says ‘Request more info’ or ‘View our demo’ or ‘Contact a Sales Rep’ with forms below.

Let’s take a look at those three commonly used phrases and then suggest ways to help you create a process-level value proposition for each one of them.

From this

Request more info

To this

By filling out the information below, you will receive [a full brochure OR a five-step guide to x, y, and z OR a call within 24 hours from an xyz expert].

From this

View our demo

To this

The demo takes only three minutes and will show you [how the product works in real time ORpatented control features that save 30% more time OR the five best ways to use the product].

From this

Contact a Sales Rep

To this

Complete the form below to speak to a product expert who will be able to [answer any questions OR provide details about the core features OR discuss pricing and needs].

Never assume your customer understands the value of the action you are asking him to take

After all, when you lift your head up out of the day to day running of your business and marketing automation platforms for just a minute and look at the big picture, your job as an entrepreneur simply comes down to this – communicating the true value of whatever action you’d like your prospect to take.

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