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Will You Let Me Show You The Exact Same Traffic Sources That Have Lead To $25 Million In Sales For Our Clients? AND Teach You Step By Step How To Use Them To Make Yourself VERY Wealthy

4 out of 5 Australian businesses fail in their first year.

That’s an oft-touted statistic but did you ever stop and think why they fail?

I believe I know the answer.


Or more specifically not enough targeted traffic going to their business.

We see this all the time at my digital marketing agency Roarlocal.

Great entrepreneurs with amazing products making a pittance online or worse still not making anything online, all because they haven’t figured out how to get targeted prospects to their website and offers.

It’s the No 1 business killer we’re called in to fix.

Take for example our client Sharon, her dating agency was bleeding money. She was spending $350 to acquire a new customer and only getting 5 new clients a week.

When she contacted me originally I felt terrible for her as I could hear in her voice how much she believed in her business and wanted it to be a success.

So we got to work immediately and started with her Google PPC campaigns, overhauling them completely and setting them up to run ads at different times of the day to different sorts of prospects.

For example at 8am a prospect would see an advert that said:

  • Did You Wake Up Alone Again?
  • You Deserve Better Than That
  • Let Us Help You Find True Love

And at 10pm (lots of people look for love at 10pm) her prospects saw ads like this:

  • Sleeping Alone Again?
  • It doesn’t Have To Be This Way
  • Find Your True Love Online Now

(notice the slight hint towards love at night vs feeling more confident in the morning? If you can understand why then you’ll love what I have to show you later.)

The results?

We reduced Sharon’s customer acquisition cost from $350 to $30, just imagine the difference that made to her bottom line over a year!

We increased the number of new customers from 5 per week to 25 per week, that’s 500% MORE customers for a fraction of the cost.

Best of all on the strength of the work we’d done for her she secured $500,000.00 in venture capital funding.

It’s fair to say the strategies I’ve developed have made our clients very very rich.

We Make $10,000 For Every $1000 We Invest
“Neil and his team look after all my online marketing and the results have been extraordinary, for every $1000 I pay for traffic to my business I make $10,000 back! Just imagine what you could do in your business if you could 10 X your money.“ Kerwin Rae

$250,000 extra profit
“…the roarlocal team helped our book get to No 1 on the Amazon best seller list as a result of this we will make an additional $250,000 this year alone, we’re very happy with their work” Rob Moore – Progressive Property

Added $65,000 To Our Business
“We saw a 20% increase in sales that meant we had to employ a new member of staff to deal with it added $65,000 to our business, we’re very happy.” John Wilkinson, Prontaprint

Business Grown By 500%
‘…the best investment in my business I have ever made. I don’t think it is a coincidence that every level of my business has sky-rocketed….grown by around 500%. I thought I was doing ‘ok’, but am now am very excited at what is actually happening and the incredible potential for the future. Sarah Leather

Extra $18k Profit In Just 6 Weeks
“I count myself as a serious experienced businesswoman and entrepreneur… I would estimate that I’ve increased my asset base by well over half a million pounds and just ONE idea created an extra $18,000 extra PROFIT for my partner’s business in just SIX weeks!“ Debbie Bissett

But unfortunately not every business can afford to pay our normal fees of $5000 + 10% of the profit we make per month to get us to look after their traffic generation for them.

The sad truth is our services are only affordable for people who are already making good money online…

The people that really need us can’t afford us.

So on August the 1st 2013 I promoted and sold out a 28 day mentoring programme I put together specifically for people who are not as successful online as they’d like to be.

I called it the:

Traffic Bootcamp

I designed it to be the perfect solution for people who want to learn how to send massive amounts of targeted traffic to their business and offers. It was the culmination of 12 years of building businesses, promoting offers as a super affiliate (I am one of the top 100 affiliates in the world) and creating marketing campaigns that have made $25 million this past year for my clients at my digital marketing agency ROARlocal.

I made it my mission to help them dominate the online niches they’re in or were thinking of going into.

I tailored the course so that I had some good solid how to guides for beginners right through to VERY advanced strategies and guides for experts.

l gave them a private members area that we all used (and still do) so they could network with other people and ask questions as well as getting their websites, adverts and offers critiqued by all of us.

It was, in short, the best no holds barred training programme I’ve ever done. I am very proud of the incredible results the attendees have got and the feedback they gave me.

At the end of the 28 days they had gone from beginners to experts at getting hot targeted prospects to their offers online, what they’d learnt has set them up for a lifetime of online success and freedom.

And talking of learning, this is as good a time as any to tell you what they learnt in the boot camp.

So the programme was over 28 days, and they had 1 training webinar per week and 1 Q and A call per week to ask LOTS of questions about what they’d learnt.

If you don’t know what a webinar is it’s like sitting over my shoulder as I show you how to set up the same traffic sources I do, you see my computer screen and hear my voice just like we’re in the same room together.

The webinars guide you through my traffic strategies and sources and the Q and A’s are there to help you apply it and make sure you have everything you need to move forward.

Here’s what I covered in the first week:

Traffic Psychology

    • How to think about your customer, get into their brain, access their hidden desires and sell directly to them.
    • How to know where they are, it’s glib to say that to sell someone something they have to see your sales message. Once you know how to find your customers online it’s MUCH easier to sell them your products and services.
    • Creating your traffic map, Just like you wouldn’t head off to Hayman Island for the weekend without a map of how to get there, I don’t start a traffic generating campaign without a traffic map.

The map I shared with them is the exact one I use to take 1 businesses from $150K a month to $500K a month in just 6 months.

  • Creating a traffic testing system. I hate losing money. So before i start any campaign I test all my traffic sources to make sure they’ll make me a healthy profit.

it’s brilliant. I like the data driven decisions that you employ. I also like the nerd in you and the obsessiveness that you obviously bring to making things work efficiently. Also love the relaxed open style of presenting you’re doing. It’s especially valuable to see what you (asher/roar) are doing and also watch live set ups.” – Jay Roberts

Great stuff, my knowledge is increasing and you are showing me things that i would never know.” – Guy Baker

I like the thought of depositing $100 at the traffic bank and getting $1000 back a few days later!

Week 2 was MUCH different

in this part of the bootcamp I went deep into Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic sources.

Facebook PPC

Most people get facebook VERY wrong. They treat it look getting traffic on the Google network… this is a MASSIVE mistake.

When we use facebook for our clients it’s not uncommon for us to pay 4p a click. That’s four pence!

Stop for a moment and consider what you could do if you could buy targeted clicks to your offers for just four pence…

I’ll show you how we do that so you can do it too.

Google PPC

The grand-daddy of traffic, once you know the ins and outs of the Google network you’re unstoppable online.

We spend on average $100,000.00 a month on Google we know the network inside out and we have a support team at Google who make sure we are looked after (when you spend over a million dollars a year with Google they roll out the red carpet).

I’ll show you things on Google you’ve never seen and blow your mind with what’s possible.

LinkedIn PPC

Sell B2B? then you have to use LinkedIn. Simply put there is no better way to target businesses and their staff online.

We’ve helped clients triple their businesses just by getting them set up properly on LinkedIn.

It’s a bit of a pain in the ass to use BUT linkedIn does that on purpose so they don’t get amateurs using it. I’ll show you how to be a LinkedIn master.

By the end of this webinar you’ll be a PPC expert at the cutting edge of PPC strategies.

Week 3 I went into content network traffic sources, the content network is very misunderstood by most online marketers.

They don’t get it so they don’t use it…. BIG mistake.

Get this, there is 10 times MORE traffic on the content network as there is on the Google search network!

It’s the definitive guide to PPC traffic” – David Denholm

“I would have no hesitation in recommending this Bootcamp. I would say if you are serious about learning how to market and grow successfully on or offline there is no one better to learn from.” – Phil Ashcroft

“The traffic bootcamp is a crash course covering all necessary aspects of marketing and teaches you practical skills to achieve measurable results.” – Deepak Singh

Here’s our outline for week 3

  • What images sell best online? (hint it’s not boobs)
  • 7 rookie errors to avoid that waste money and kill conversions.
  • The top 10 ad networks to use and how to use them.
  • Why you must never use Google if you sell these products
  • 15 simple graphics that increase clicks by 200% or more
  • My top 5 spots to find images that convert
  • How to get all your banners built for free
  • How to run your advert in the exact spot that will maximise profits for you.

It’s true to say I love the content network, often it is the place we go to when we want to grow a BIG business at low cost.

When you know what you’re doing there is some serious money to be made online.

“If you are serious about building your business and getting more clients/customers then you will learn everything you need to know by joining the traffic bootcamp……you’ve just got to look at our results to see where you can also take your business!” – Isabel Barjaktarevic

“This has opened up a totally new level of understanding about how business REALLY work” – Vytas Ramanauskas

“it’s the best content, delivered in an easy to understand style, that I’ve ever experienced on any training bar none!” – Michael Oldroyd

In week 4 you’ll be ready for my secret traffic sources.

I never tell our clients about these and until now I’ve never shared them publicly either, I like our clients to see the amazing results we get for them without revealing my secret sauce 😉

This way they keep coming back for more and with our average client being worth $60,000.00 a year it makes sense to keep em coming back as loooong as possible.

Week 4:

  • When I show you how we use this traffic source to get hot new prospect for a few cents you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it first
  • Wanna sell without price resistance? then you have to use this traffic source.
  • This weird site gets more people to share it’s content than any other site… think it’s pinterest? think again.
  • Mobile commerce…. do you have a mobile? is it a smart phone? think your customers have smart phones too? Of course they!
  • I’ll reveal how to use mobile traffic to drive a ton of cheap targeted traffic to your offers.
  • How to pick up women online, where they hang out, what they love and how to create desire within them for your product.
  • How to use one of biggest search engine in the world along with the hottest craze online to get targeted customers to your website and offers

The Traffic Bootcamp is crammed with all the up-to-date traffic strategies that can take any business to a whole new level. Neil is an experts in his field and has a fantastic way of teaching this invaluable information. The Bootcamp definitely gets the thumbs up from me!” – Rozina Sharif

“Value-packed, practical, honest information with the nitty, gritty of setting up the various campaigns. Without this I would have been too worried to set up a campaign as I wouldn’t have known the implications of the set up choices.  I am a perfectionist which leads to procrastination and sometimes just need someone to say ‘just do this next’ so I can focus on a very clear, simple next step!” – Mandy Darcy Evans

“It’s very exciting how following these strategies, you can dominate your market” – Phil Ashcroft

Notice in this I have not covered so called free traffic sources like SEO or Joint ventures.

I have done this for a couple of important reasons.

First up I hate SEO the truth is SEO is dead, anyone worth their salt online has figured out by now that letting Google control your traffic source is kinda dumb.

The 1 thing Google wants is to move you to paid search, hence their fortnightly updates to their search algorithm such as panda, penguin and hummingbird… thinks it’s a coincidence that all those business who got hit with the Google SEO updates now rely on paid traffic?

Neither do I.

SEO is dead

Secondly JV’s require you to be well connected online, don’t get me wrong I LOVE JV’s but for 99% of people you’ll never get one set up simply because you don’t get invited to the right parties or you haven’t learnt whose ass you have to kiss.

No, for most people JV’s are a good idea that they’ll never be able to do.

I am not interested in good ideas.

I’m interested in results.

So everything I’m going to show you is in these videos is actionable, you don’t need a huge list, you don’t need to be well connected, you don’t need to have some “insider” knowledge.

it’s solid profitable traffic sources that I use day in day out to drive hundreds of thousands of dollarss in business for myself and my clients.

Before i tell you the price for the traffic bootcamp videos I want to tell you a quick story.

Most people don’t know this but I used to be a chef making $7.50 an hour.

I worked for many of the best chefs in the world including Marco Pierre White (creative genius), Gordon Ramsy (total c*nt), Raymond Blanc (best taste buds in the world) and Heston Blumenthal (brilliant teacher)

I worked 16 hour days 6 days a week and often slept on the floor in the kitchen along with the rest of the people in our team.

People often ask me why I put up with that.

I tell them I did it because I loved it, those days were some of the greatest in my life, sure they were tough but what they gave me was priceless.

After working for those people and getting paid next to sweet FA I could walk into any kitchen and be the best, I could dictate my own salary and terms.

It gave me the power to own the game.

That’s what I want to give you, I want to give you the power to dominate in your niche.

To be the person everyone else wants to be.

To be the best in your industry.

And because I know what it feels like to not have that power I want to make this very affordable for you too.

Normally to get access to me you’d have to take on my agency ROARlocal on our $5000 + 10% of the profits per month programme with a 12 month commitment.

That’s a minimum of $60,000.00 a year.

However because you’re getting the webinar recordings and not me actually doing the work for you I can afford to offer you the entire traffic bootcamp programme for just $497

Which I’m sure you’ll agree is very very good value.

Next I want to sweeten the deal with a simple way to invest;

If you’d like to make one single payment, you can pay $497 now, and you’ll get a 30-day no-questions, no-hassles guarantee. If for ANY reason you’re not satisfied with the videos, just let us know for a full refund.

If you’d like to spread your payment over 3 months, I have another option available to you: You can order the videos now, and I’ll give you full access for 1 dollar. If you like it, keep it… and you’ll automatically billed in 3 easy monthly payments of $197, starting in 30 days.

If you don’t like it, for any reason, just let us know and you won’t be charged.

If you pay all at once, you save 20% and you still get a full 30-day no-questions asked guarantee. If you choose the free trial option and the 3 payments, you get to try this programme for 30 days, then make 3 easy monthly payments of only $197.

Either way, it’s a bargain for you.

Just choose your option below:

Option 1 – Pay In Full 1 Payment of $497

Add to Cart

Option 2 – Pay $1 Now Then 3 Monthly Instalments of $197

Add to Cart

Want more?

Jeez you drive a hard bargain!

OK how about this, I have 6 brilliant bonuses for you:

1. All The Unedited Power Points From The Programme.

It’s all very well and good listening to what I say on a video but for me there’s nothing better than being able to follow along with the power points someone is using to demonstrate with.
So I’m including all the powerpoints from the workshop with all the images of landing page design, banner ad design and step by step plans for you.

2. My List Of Research Sites That I Use To Find Hot Niches

I hate it when people leave out valuable bits of information you need. It’s like leaving out a vital ingredient in a recipe, without it you’re screwed. So I want to give you my personal resource list of research sites with full instructions how to use them to find hot niches for you.

3. The Unedited Recordings Of The Follow Up Call I Did With The Attendees

Often times you get as many nuggets of gold from the questions that get asked as you do from the workshop itself, and this event was no different.
You can imagine with 30 savvy entrepreneurs on the call they grilled me for specific step by step instructions and made me reveal even more from my entrepreneurial treasure chest.
Best of all some of the things were not even related to business building!

Things like:

  • How to hire superstars for your business
  • The best way to sell someone else’s product
  • How to make sure every person that comes into your site opts into your list
  • 6 hot niches that are killing it online right now
  • How to get traffic and prospective customers to your website starting from day one.

and much much more…. at the end of this call I felt like I’d done another workshop!

Those alone are worth more than the $497 I’m offering you these videos for!

4. My personal “swipe file” of winning online ads

As a very special gift for the attendees for doing so well on the bootcamp I gave each of them my complete online swipe file.

This is the ads I have painstakingly collected over the past 8 years online. I use these every single day for great ideas and inspiration.

WARNING – There are some ‘naughty’ ads in there.

The adult entertainment industry is often at the cutting edge of online marketing, so there are a few ‘naughty’ ads. If you’re easily offended beware!

If I had to put a price on this I’d say for 8 years of painstaking work and the money it’s made me personally in ideas and inspiration… for me it’s priceless.

“All of the material you taught is absolute gold, but the best thing for me is the confidence it has given me to be able to set up a campaign. It’s actually much simpler and quicker than I ever thought it would be.” – Rozina Sharif

In response to a question – How could I have made the content even better for you? “The content is so good that I don’t even know if its possible to make it better Neil” – Vytas Ramanauskas

5. A very special book that sells in amazon for $400 (if you can find it)

This out of print book is an advertising classic, I managed to secure a copy earlier this year and I’ll share it with you when you get the traffic bootcamp videos.

6. Access to our private members area.

Once you get the videos you’ll get access to the private members area, you can network with other members, get your marketing ideas, ads and offers critiqued and get your questions answered.

It is an incredible resource by itself but coupled with the traffic bootcamp videos and the other bonuses above it creates a complete package for you to get everything you need.

Get started now with instant access using 1 of the buttons below:

Option 1 – Pay In Full 1 Payment of $497

Add to Cart

Option 2 – Pay $1 Now Then 3 Monthly Instalments of $197

Add to Cart

I hope you’ll invest in your future and treat yourself to the traffic bootcamp, let me show you how we’ve made our clients $25 million in sales so far this year and mentor you to create, build and grow your business.

Your Friend,

Neil Asher
CEO RoarLocal

© Copyright 2012, All Rights Reserved. Important Note: This entire program is based on the lessons I have learned about how to research, start, market and grow businesses. While I honestly believe this information to be useful and valuable, I cannot guarantee that you will get the same results that we’ve gotten (or that anyone in the program has gotten). Our results are not typical at all much to my chagrin, our results are the result of applying this information. All of this information should be considered “informational” in nature, and not as specific business, legal, or financial advice. If you invest in this program, you are taking full responsibility for making sure that any idea you use, implement, don’t implement, or integrate into your business is legal, ethical, and prudent. By purchasing this program or using any of the information on this site, you are also agreeing to hold me, my company, my guests, and their companies 100% harmless in the event that you lose money or are harmed in any way as a result of the use or lack of use of anything you’ve learned from this program, our company, or any of the guests at the program. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate, but are not guaranteed.


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