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The only time women beat men

actlikealady-hinklikeaboss-girlquotess-girlpower-quotesOut in the “Real World” men earn 20% more than women simply because we have an outy and women have an inny

Which seems very weird to me

I’ve always thought that ladies inny’s were much more valuable than our outys

but them’s the facts

This grossly unfair advantage that men have is apparently prevalent throughout all careers in Oz

that is

in all places except my group of rag tag Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Yes indeedy, in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs the ladies are kicking our asses!

Take Sue Josephson for instance,

She’s up in Caloundra in QLD

She sells so much stuff she’s just got herself a brand new BMW

She says she’s delighted to be in my group

Or what about Debbie Summerhayes, in Ipswich QLD

She’s selling horsey related stuff to all the Horse crazy folks here in oz

Or what about Karen Thomson from Lane Cove in NSW

Her range of organic skin care products is a HUGE hit

I could go on but you get the idea

Out there in the “real world” ladies are at a distinct disadvantage, they’re treated differently and paid less for the same work


Online, no one gives a rats-ass if you have an inny or an outy, and because of that the ladies are crushing it!


Wanna join the 125 ladies and 131 men in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs?

You can find out more and join us here

Inny or outy;

black, brown, yellow or white;

old or young,

gay, straight or in-between,

The internet doesn’t care

It’s the great democratiser, everyone gets a fair go

That’s why I love it so much

Come check us out for yourself

Neil Asher

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