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The Perfect Online Business Plan

The Perfect Online Business Plan
The Perfect Online Business Plan

If you have been wondering if an online business plan or online marketing plan might work for your business, you might enjoy this video.  It’s a bit rough and ready but the content is solid gold.

Nicola Cairncross here – you don’t often see me on this blog, as it’s been largely Neil’s domain, but he wanted me to share this.

We often shoot informative videos for our digital marketing “outsourced marketing department” clients, to help them understand and be able to visualise the online business plan we are putting in place for them.

Especially when a client has been marketing their business in a more traditional way, such as yellow pages & newspaper advertising, seminar selling (all of which are seemingly dying on their feet in Australia, we are finding).
It occurred to me that you, our much appreciated blog visitor, might enjoy seeing it too.
You will see that your marketing assets are also products, so your marketing stops being an overhead and can actually turn into an extra entry on your bottom line profits.
Rather neat, huh?
Anyway without further a do here’s:

The Perfect Online Business Plan



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