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You’re welcome to speak with our clients before you engage with us. In the meantime, here are some testimonials from them.

In the examples below, you’ll notice that we focus on our clients’ overall sales and profitability. We don’t waste time optimizing for metrics like bounce rate or click-throughs—unless there’s evidence that they are strongly linked to the business’s profitability.


Gred Secker from Learn To Trade Greg Secker – Learn to trade. Greg had a a problem, Sir Richard Branson was booked as the keynote speaker at his Seminar with 4500 seats and no bookings, we set up all Greg’s digital marketing strategy and implemented it for him.

$3 million in revenue from 1 event thanks to ROARlocal

John Little from Successful Resumes of Australia John Little – Successful Resumes of Australia. John runs australia’s most successful resume writing business with over 30 offices around Australia. John asked us to “double his traffic and reduce his costs, so, we did.

Ranked Page 1 Of Google in 3 weeks for a keyword that used to cost us $5000 per month

Marcus DeMaria from Investment Mastery Marcus DeMaria – Investment Mastery. Marcus runs the UK’s most succesful trading education company. He asked us to help him fill his seminars and develop new online marketing strategies and products.

Roarlocal have added 2 new income streams to my business that will make me over $500K a year!

Would you like to see results like this in your business? If so get in touch here for an informal chat.


David Paul -Vector Vest David Paul -Vector Vest. Vector Vest is the largest stock analysis software in the world with 50,000 registered users.

Set up marketing funnel that generates $10,000 a week in additional sales.

Sharon Kell from CocoMoon Sharon Kell – CocoMoon. Sharon wanted to grow her business, so she asked us to look after all her online strategy and implementation, we reduced her client acquisition costs from £300 to £30 and increased the number of new clients from 5 a week to 5 a day.

Their work helped me raise $500,000.00 in Angel investment and I’ve subsequently sold my business to a private investor, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Rob Moore from Progressive Property Rob Moore – Progressive Property. Rob runs the largest distressed property business in the UK, he asked us to help him get new clients for his business, so we suggested he write a book. He did and we then implemented our digital marketing to his book launch.

Their work on my book launch helped me get the No 1 bestseller on Amazon and make over $350,000 in sales.

Ben Rogers from Residential Property Developer Ben Rogers – Residential Property Developer. Ben builds houses, to continue to build he must sell them too. We take care of all Ben’s online marketing so he can focus on building houses.

The do all my online marketing and strategy for me, thanks to them I’ll make an extra $650K this year!

Steve Macintyre – Kidz5ADay Australia. Kidz 5 a day was an established company in America that wanted to launch in Australia, so we set up a marketing plan to launch the business and then got to work applying it for them.

“We did an initial consult with the ROARlocal team and to be honest I was sceptical, but during the consult they asked us to try two ideas that cost us nothing to implement and just those two ideas added 100 new customers per week! We’re now using them for all our marketing.”

100 New Customers Per Week

Would you like to see results like this in your business? If so get in touch here for an informal chat.


Andrew Butcher – Cleveland ProWash. Andrew wants to franchise his business. So we helped him dominate his local market for his niche and set up the systems for his franchisees.

“The ROARlocal team have been nothing short of brilliant! they re did my website and they’ve turned it into a selling machine, we’ve seen a massive increase in our profits.”

Massive Impact On Our Profits!

Elaine Arnold – We use conversion optimization to increase the profits of Elaines business so she could make more money with the same ad spend.

“…in this financial climate we rely on the ROARlocal team to constantly improve our online business. So far this year they’ve added $47,000 to the profits of our business”

$47,000 extra profit

Warren David – The Boatman

“We were doing some online marketing using Google they spent 90 minutes looking at our campaign, made some changes and saved us $27,000… that’s $27,000 straight to our profits”

Saved us $27,000 in advertising

John Wilkinson – Prontaprint Brighton

“We saw a 20% increase in sales that meant we had to employ a new member of staff to deal with it added $165,000 to our business, we’re very happy.”

Added $165,000 To Our Business

Keith Asher –

“I’m a plumber and the market is very competitive, roar local looked after my sep for me for my business, I went from nowhere to No 1 in just 8 days! I’ve now had them build my website, do my google adwords advertising and they even look after my social media! It’s added thousands to my business.”

Page One Of Google In Just 8 Days!

Would you like to see results like this in your business? If so get in touch here for an informal chat.


Ian White –

“One strategy they implemented captured over 8,000 email addresses. They then created the e-mail strategy which achieved an average of 21.2% open rate, a 19.7% click-through rate and a 10.7% buy rate from those click-throughs. At an average order rate of $40 i’m seeing almost $1,500 in sales every time i send a sales newsletter out (not every newsletter is a sales one…another tip they shared). Most importantly my overall ‘repeat biz’ customers is amazingly high.”

$1500 From Every Sales Email That Goes Out

Sarah Leather –

“…the best investment in my business I have ever made. I don’t think it is a coincidence that every level of my business has sky-rocketed….grown by around 500%. I thought I was doing ‘ok’, but am now am very excited at what is actually happening and the incredible potential for the future. The ROARlocal team have opened my eyes and made me think far more broadly about the potential of marketing locally and globally”

Business Grown By 500%

JS – Sydney (contact details available on request)

“Just ONE idea you gave me last week has led me to set up a new business with a friend (outside what I do in the daytime) which is already generating over $17,500 per month recurring income! To say I’m getting value from working with you would be a shocking understatement…”

One Idea = Extra $17.5k Per Month Recurring!

Debbie Bissett from Debbie Bissett –

“I count myself as a serious experienced businesswoman and entrepreneur… I would estimate that, from working with Nicola, I’ve increased my asset base by well over half a million pounds and just ONE idea from Nicola one day created an extra $28,000 extra PROFIT for my partner’s business in just SIX weeks!”

Extra $28k Profit In Just 6 Weeks

Debbie Winterbourne from Debbie Winterbourne –

“One year ago I had just opened a small training venue in central London, ran two other small holistic businesses and was struggling to find clients. Now, thanks to Nicola, I am swamped with room bookings and my two other businesses are flourishing like never before. I have also learnt huge amounts from her in terms of internet marketing and property investment.

My income is far greater than ever before in my life….my income has quadrupled………..I work less, I think more and I have more free time than ever…… AND I am now living in my dream flat in central London!”

Now the premier business within my industry thanks to ROARlocal

Tina Tilley – CEO Worthing and Adur Chamber of Commerce

“Hi Nicola, I just want to thank you for all your hard work, it is appreciated. This is a great leap for the Chamber in the right direction and you have been strategic in making this happen. Thank you.”

Page One Of Google For Key Phrase In 1 Month

Would you like to see results like this in your business? If so get in touch here for an informal chat.


We’ve worked with clients of all sizes in pretty much every industry

We have a wealth of experience in many types of business. We’ve worked, hands-on, with the most sophisticated online brands in many businesses:

  • In business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B).

  • In almost every major industry.

  • Of many sizes: from SME to large enterprises.

  • In countries worldwide, including the UK, USA, Canada, Israel, India, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Serbia, China, Estonia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and Japan. Our unusually broad perspective means we know what works in your region and what’s working elsewhere in the world.

  • With different types of product:—selling physical goods, services, software and information.

  • With all types of business: merchants, affiliates, publishers, social networks, e-commerce and lead-generation sites.

This means whatever your situation, chances are we already have experience with something very similar.

Can you see a company like yours on this page?

If not, just tell us what your company does, (using this form), and we’ll let you know what experience we have in that industry. The ROARlocal Methodology has been successfully applied in nearly every vertical, and double- and triple-digit improvements to your bottom line are the norm.


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