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  • 41 Important Things To Know About Paid And Organic Search

    41 Important Things To Know About Paid And Organic Search

    Over the weekend it persisted with rain here, in (normally sunny) Sydney, so I did what any normal man would do and watched the F1 (C’mon Hamilton!) and got my geek on online. I saw a ton of seriously cool stuff, and using my trusty clipper, I made a list of the key insights and […]

  • How To Make Your Videos Go Viral

    How To Make Your Videos Go Viral

    Want to be a YouTube sensation with your own viral video? Then buckle up to the ROARlocal guide to getting your video to go viral! OK, first up, you’re gonna need a marketing plan. But wait Neil, surely viral videos happen by chance??? Nope, they don’t. The ones that end up making money don’t anyway. […]

  • The SEO Trick That Lets you Rank On Page 1 Of Google Using Videos

    Here’s the ROARlocal guide that shows you how to get your video to the top of YouTube search. First some facts to consider: * Google owns YouTube * Videos are 27% more likely to be clicked on in the search engine results than websites * Videos LOVE mobile phones * Given the choice between reading […]

  • 3 Important Social Media Trends You Should Take Notice Of

    Social media is ever changing and there are so many trends, it can be difficult to know which ones to focus and profit from. Nicola and I were chatting the other morning and we’ve drilled the list down to three essentials that you need to be doing to maximise the revenue potential of social media. […]

  • My Top 7 Propaganda Books

    Propaganda is one of my favourite marketing disciplines. When you think about it, social media done well is pure propaganda. As such I read as many propaganda books as I can get my hands on! The same laws that are applied to influencing entire nations of people are equally as compelling when applied online. In […]

  • How To Set Up Google+ For Business

    How To Set Up Google+ for business Since the launch of Google + in 2011, it now has an estimated 350 million users. Not quite the amount Facebook has, but then, Facebook was founded in 2004 and opened up outside of Harvard shortly after. So, 350 million users over a 2 year period isn’t so […]