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  • DMI 066 – Psychology Of Colour In Web Design

    DMI 066 – Psychology Of Colour In Web Design

    Website designers have several puzzles to solve when presented with a new Website design project. One of the main considerations that a designer must deal with is to understand what it is that the client wants to achieve with the Website design. Certain colours make us feel a certain way about something. As long as […]

  • How To Have An Affair Online

    Writing about how to have an affair online has the potential to get me into a lot of trouble. No doubt some people will take this as me advocating that you should have an affair online. I’m not. Let me quickly tell you the background and then I’ll show you the strategy. And then you […]

  • How To Get Elected Using A Digital Marketing Agency

    The older I get, the more interested I become in Politics, well to be exact I’m interested in policy, but to get policy you need politics, so I’m vicariously interested, if that makes sense 🙂 In Australia we’ve just had a leadership battle (and a winner) and now we’re just about to have an election. […]

  • Giving Away Your Stuff For Free Is (Usually) Dumb

    Before I dive into the psychology here, I want to define freemium and free trial and also drop in some cautionary statements. So first, here are the definitions: Freemium: A free plan (usually limited in how much you can do with a product, whether that’s save pictures, analyze keywords, etc) with premium plan options to […]

  • 17 Reasons People Buy Things Online

    Why do people do what they do? I’ve studied human behaviour for 14 years now. Ever since my Psychology degree back in 1999 I’ve been fascinated by why people buy or not. If you’ve ever found yourself people watching then I bet you’re fascinated by social psychology too! Here’s our 17 point checklist we use […]