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  • 41 Important Things To Know About Paid And Organic Search

    41 Important Things To Know About Paid And Organic Search

    Over the weekend it persisted with rain here, in (normally sunny) Sydney, so I did what any normal man would do and watched the F1 (C’mon Hamilton!) and got my geek on online. I saw a ton of seriously cool stuff, and using my trusty clipper, I made a list of the key insights and […]

  • Hint: Your Competitors Have No Idea What They’re Doing Either!

    Conversation on Friday with a new client who asked me to copy their competitors new wizz bang website. Him “I want you to model what they do Neil and make ours do the same” Me “Why, do you have access to the analytics and conversion results?” Him “?…” I hear this all the time. “Our […]

  • Digital Marketing Insider Podcast 008 – Keywords Don’t Matter

    [powerpress] Spooky but true, here’s why.. When you log into AdWords and add keywords to your ad groups, along with key elements like the price you’re willing to pay, you also select your match type. Depending on your choice of broad, phrase or exact your bids will be matched to relevant queries users type into […]

  • What Are The Most Expensive Google Keywords

    Ever wonder what the most expensive Google PPC keywords are? The team at Wordstream analyzed over 10,000 of the most expensive keywords, categorized them in 20 categories and created a nice little infographic.  Take a look at the chart below, and if your business isn’t in any of these competitive categories, enjoy!   So if […]