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  • Digital Marketing Insider Podcast 033 – The 5 Things You Must Do Online Now

    [powerpress] We test a lot of stuff here at ROARlocal. We’ve gotten some astonishing data that would make you a ton of cash  Because it’s nearly Christmas I’ve decided to share with you the Factors That Influence Purchases the Most (in order of % respondents). [powerpress] If you prefer to read than listen, check out the original […]

  • My Top 7 Propaganda Books

    Propaganda is one of my favourite marketing disciplines. When you think about it, social media done well is pure propaganda. As such I read as many propaganda books as I can get my hands on! The same laws that are applied to influencing entire nations of people are equally as compelling when applied online. In […]

  • 17 Reasons People Buy Things Online

    Why do people do what they do? I’ve studied human behaviour for 14 years now. Ever since my Psychology degree back in 1999 I’ve been fascinated by why people buy or not. If you’ve ever found yourself people watching then I bet you’re fascinated by social psychology too! Here’s our 17 point checklist we use […]