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  • Digital Marketing Insider Podcast 020 – Where To Advertise Online

    [powerpress]   There are dozens of different channels to choose from. And online channels are fragmenting each year, creating endless ways for you to reach your customers. Here’s a few of your digital options: Paid Search (Google PPC, Bing, LinkedIn ads, Amazon etc etc) Dispaly Ads (adbrite, clicksor, rightmedia, double click) Organic Search (SEO) Facebook […]

  • Digital Marketing Insider Podcast 019 – How To Kill A Business

    [powerpress] 99% copy writers will hate this… That’s because 99% of the copywriters out there will kill your business if you use them. (click here to tweet this) Here’s why.. [powerpress] If you prefer to read than listen, check out the original post by scrolling further down this page. Subscribe to our Digital Marketing Insider Podcast […]

  • Digital Marketing Insider Podcast 016 – How To Pay PC Prices On A Mac

    [powerpress]   There’s been a lot of news about Mac users being charged more than PC users. I think it’s a bit of a shame, but it does make sense. If the Mac users have more money, why not charge them more. It’s the same thing as charging £6 for a latte in London instead of […]