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  • DMI 059 – Entrepreneurial Impatience Syndrome

    DMI 059 – Entrepreneurial Impatience Syndrome

    ROARlocal founders Neil Asher and Nicola Cairncross catch up on their respective businesses and discuss how to cope with “entrepreneurial impatience” syndrome. Plus how to outsource and stay sane, taking into account that it takes a lot longer for things to get done when you outsource them, no matter how good your team are. But […]

  • Digital Marketing Insider Podcast 032 – How To Get More Stuff Done

    [powerpress] “The number one priority of an entrepreneur who gets out of their creative zone… is to do whatever it takes to get back in it.”  …Said my friend Joff, a few weeks ago when we met up for a cigar and chat. As fellow entrepreneurs, meeting idly mid work day, the topic of conversation […]

  • Affiliate Marketing

    When I worked full time as an affiliate marketer (an affiliate marketer sells other peoples products for them for a commission) I’d often show people what I was doing to get traffic to the offers I was promoting. It was not uncommon to send 5000 clicks a day to a landing page or website and […]

  • What Warren Buffett Can Teach You About Digital Marketing

    One of the most important rules I’ve learnt from Warren Buffet in entering new online markets is to TEST before you INVEST.   In basic terms, don’t start investing tons of money and time into an online business until you have sufficient data on the market. Why’s that? For starters, good ideas don’t necessarily equate into […]