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  • How To Get People To Notice You Online

    Ever feel like all your marketing efforts are being ignored? You work hard to create a website, design an advertisement, post on social media – you think you’re doing everything right but it falls on deaf ears. No matter how hard you try, it still feels like your business is stuck. You start to wonder […]

  • How Google Adwords Consultants Use Online Marketing Incentives To Do Poor Online Marketing For You

    I’m fascinated by Online Marketing Incentives. We all use them, online and offline, everyday, to try and manipulate other peoples’ behaviour. “If you behave, we’ll give you a treat later” is a popular incentive used by parents to try and control their kids (myself included). Do this to get this – is the tacit level […]

  • SEO Results – A Case Study In Ranking Quickly On Google

    Here’s our latest SEO results, which are for our own digital marketing agency. We work hard on our own marketing and treat the business as we would any of our clients. This results in great marketing improvements for our own business, and the lessons we learn spending our own money on marketing, we can then […]

  • What Are The Most Expensive Google Keywords

    Ever wonder what the most expensive Google PPC keywords are? The team at Wordstream analyzed over 10,000 of the most expensive keywords, categorized them in 20 categories and created a nice little infographic.  Take a look at the chart below, and if your business isn’t in any of these competitive categories, enjoy!   So if […]