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  • The 10 Commandments Of E-Commerce Sales

    The 10 Commandments Of E-Commerce Sales

    In the spirit of Easter and all things “religious” (the pagans invented Easter), I have drawn up my own 10 commandments – of online shopping. As online retailers we must be on top of our game. There is intense competition for the consumer, shrinking margins and a shopping season that’s five days shorter. Consumers will not […]

  • Digital Marketing Insider Podcast 056 – No Money Honey

    Digital Marketing Insider Podcast 056 – No Money Honey

    [powerpress] Don’t try to sell what your market doesn’t want to buy The most common — and painful — mistake I see entrepreneurs (myself included) make, is to develop a product that no one has any interest in buying. This is why so many inventors spend decade after decade without any commercial success. They’re passionate, […]

  • How To Make Your Banner Ads Sell

    So get this: There’s two goldfish sitting in a tank, right? And one goldfish turns to the other and says, “Do you know how to drive this thing?!” Believe it or not, that joke was determined to be one of the best jokes EVER by a scientific study. But the funny thing here, is, what […]

  • How To Sell A Service Online

    Over the weekend I re-read Harry Beckwith’s Selling the Invisible. What a great book! As someone who sells an outsourced marketing department service, with many our clients selling services online, I like to revisit great books and think about how to apply the ideas to our clients’ businesses. The book was written in the 90’s […]