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  • Born Before 1976?

    If you were I have good news for you You’re the No 1 demographic that shops on Amazon 76% of us do 🙂 What does that mean? Well most folks just think it’s hipster millennial’s and Gen Y that shop online in any number But that’s just not true Fact is if you’re over 40 […]

  • Top 7 Hacks To Rank Higher And Make More Sales On Amazon (Even If You’re New)

    Psst! Who wants to make some more Amazon sales? If you shouted YESSS, then all you need to do is step out of your cave and start to H-U-S-T-L-E. Yes, leave your unfinished mammoth painting, the charcoal on the ground, and your lovely spouse and go out in the world, hunting for Amazon sales. It’s […]

  • 50 Tools and Apps for The Aussie Amazon Entrepreneur

    You want to be the top of the top on Amazon, crème de la crème, BUT… The thought quickly leaves you because that’s a whole load of hard 7 AM – 10 PM work! If you’re lazy like me and if, like me, you prefer to earn dollars sans the labor, you should automate your […]

  • An ancient Indian remedy for sore throats has become the new hipster drink in the West

    Now as the time to Profit from Turmeric on Amazon as the West is discovering the goodness of turmeric one latte at a time. Google searches for turmeric, a bright yellow, pungent-tasting spice, have surged by 300% over the last five years, according to data provided by the search engine in its recent Food Trends […]

  • How One Product Is Raking In Over $100,000 A Month On Amazon!

    If you haven’t worked it out from the title, the seller of this item is richer than Scrooge McDuck. It’s a good job they sell scales, there’s no need to even count their money, they just whack it on until the LCD display reads, “$$$ – Ker-ching”. Although what they sell is high-end electronic scales, […]

  • The low-down on picking a sensational and profitable product

    Let’s talk a bit about where you can make good value purchases and sell them on for a salacious fee. This is of course the key to bodacious profit margins, which equals an extremely ecstatic you! Boom! I’m making a slaying and I want you to join me – magical websites like the top product […]

  • Amazon Coupon Codes

    HOW TO CREATE SINGLE USE AMAZON PROMO CODES A GUIDE TO EASILY CREATE ONE-TIME USE AMAZON PROMO CODES below is an easy to follow step-by-step guide from creating promos .Creating a batch of single-use promos has a clear advantage over “multiple-use” style codes, as you protect your inventory from abuse. It is VERY important that […]

  • How you can make ‘kiss my ass’ money selling BBQ’s On Amazon Australia

    I honestly can’t believe how easy it is (when you know how) to make some serious paper online. I mean Amazon, the foremost ecommerce and logistics company on the planet has it right there – on a freaking platter! The premise is simple – take a badass store from and copy the shit out […]

  • Copy These 5 Amazon Success Stories

    Yesterday I watched ABC one plus one, Dick Smith was on. He’s a bloody Legend if you ask me (no one ever does though!) I love listening to successful men and women from all fields as success leaves clues. About 25 minutes Jane, the presenter asked Dick the secret to his success, guess what he […]

  • Australia’s No 1 Pastime Can Make You Very Wealthy (If You Do This…)

    HEY! Join Me As An Aussie Online Entrepreneur! Shopping is the no 1 pastime in Australia, people browse and shop online to pass the time, it’s a hobby. Think about being in a business that people want to spend time doing. My wife will sit for hours and look at shops and stuff online, I’ll […]