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How stoopid people make more cashola than you

When I was at school we had to do art classes

I’m no artist so I kinda hated it

We usually dislike things we’re no good at


My mate (Billy Pinder) was a terrible artist too

He was thick as 2 short planks but great fun to hang out with

His parents told him if he got an B or better in all his final exams they’d get him the car he wanted

A mini 1275 GT

Knowing that he sucked at art Billy hatched a plan to get his B

He had a friend set up his art as paint by numbers

1 = Red

2 = Blue

3 = Yellow

etc etc

All he had to do was paint the right colour in the right place

It made art easy for him and he actually ended up being pretty good at drawing

He got his B and his folks got him his mini

Billy may have been stoopid but he sure was smart!

Anyone can follow a step by step plan

That’s why I’ve made the training in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs “business building by numbers” simple!

Step 1, step 2, step 3 etc etc

Follow the steps and out the other side pops an ecommerce business

Wanna see the steps?

Then get yourself into the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

It’s business by numbers that anyone can do regardless of your experience or lack of it

See you in there

Neil Asher

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