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How I Source Products To Sell On Amazon

If you missed my last awesome “wonder woman” inspired video all about making mucho cashola on Amazon it’s here:

Fair warning apparently there is too much boobage in that video and that’s just my man boobs!


So peeps

Now you know what the heck to sell on Amazon, next is where do you source products to sell on Amazon.

Let's Hear It For Bacon!
Let’s Hear It For Bacon!

Well the first thing you should know is that I don’t source my own products. For me I spend my time 100% on selling as that’s what brings home the bacon baby 🙂

So I’m going to do something(else) very dumb and show you the people I use to source products in China.

Why is that dumb?

Well if you use them and they get busy who’s gonna source my stuff?

Not me sugar lumps that’s for sure!

Now it may well mean that if you read this too late (shame on you) then you’re shit outa luck and both of them will be booked up soooooo I’ll also show you how to find your own sourcers 🙂


Ok enough self adoration let’s do this!

Who I Use To Source Products to sell On Amazon

Well I find my 2 sourcing ninjas using my old mate upwork I use upwork a whole heap for lots of great things.

Back when it was elance I was their brand ambassador here in Sydney due to how incredibly lazy I was about doing anything other than going to the beach.

So now that elance is upwork I’m all over it like a rash.

If you need help to figure out how to register an account then kill yourself you’ve no hope at all.

This is Jenny Yang:

She is a stone cold superstar, damn hard working, speaks brilliant Australian and is a hoot to chat to 🙂

Plus she knows some very cool companies in China that you will NOT find on alibaba these companies sell to Chinese only, aka you get the Chinese price not the “tourist” price, comprendah?

Don’t worry Jenny can negotiate the complexities of any factory and will even get the products shipped for you.

She’s A+

PLEASE tell her I sent you as she’ll know that you know what you’re doing and she can’t add a little on for herself… if that’s kinda offensive for you to think that someone would do that, grow up, welcome to business.

OK next

Angela –

Angela is probably a couple of points better than Jenny, BUT instead of shooting the shit like a native Angela is like chatting to a foreigner who’s been in Oz for 18 months or so, her Australian is good, very good in fact but it’s not perfect.

So if you’re a racist git then avoid Angela.

OK let me show you how to find your own

Amazon Product Sourcing Superstar

Here’s the exact job ad I ran on upwork:

(naturally I’ve changed my products so you can’t steal my niche ;), BUT I’ve added great niches for you so swings and roundabouts)



I’m looking for someone to source products for me in China.

We are targeting the dog niche, specifically looking for:

1. Doggie training pads:

(eg –

2. Organic oatmeal dog shampoo

(eg –

3. Pet Brush for washing


4. Puppy odor remover (bio degradable, not toxic all natural)

Also looking for

– Organic Vegetarian treats for dogs
– Pooper scooper (

The factories must be verified manufacturers of the products not just resellers as I don’t want to pay middle men.

The products must be of high quality, we are selling to the Australian market, the expect and demand high quality ingredients, preferably organic

I must be able to add my own design and logo to the products so that I can sell them under my own branding and company

I want them to be ready to ship to Amazon for the FBA program for fulfillment

You will source the products for me and help me negotiate a good price.

I’m ordering smaller amounts to test the suppliers initially

I’ll pay Pay 30% down and 70% on shipment to Australia

You’ll send the Confirmation Purchase Order for me (I’ll give you the details)

You’ll get an email address at our company to use

You will be given priority for this job if you have already successfully sourced products that are for sale on Amazon now.

If you love dogs this is a BIG help too 🙂

To be eligible for this role please also tell me what your favorite dog is

Thanks for looking



obama-eating-dog-600Notice the final question “please also tell me what your favorite dog is” I don’t care what their fav dog is, hell they could eat dogs for all I care!

But I want to know they’re read to the end and understood.

That’s simple enough right?

You could copy that and insert your own product ideas right?

Course you can!

OK it’s 4:30 on a Friday as I write this, it’s sunny so I’m going to the beach. Next I’ll show you the way I assess the people that apply 🙂