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Solve one of these 5 problems to become a billionaire

In a recent interview Warren Buffett was asked how to become a billionaire

His answer was a great one, solve problems!

When pressed further he said these are the 5 most pressing problems that, if you solved them, would turn you into a billionaire

1. Energy storage

Your time might be running out on this one, because a lot of money and time is being spent as we speak to solve our energy storage issues.

Essentially, we have no real way of storing energy created by wind and solar power generators.

It’s why we continue to rely heavily on fossil fuels — when the sun goes down and the wind stops blowing, we run out of juice.

2. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is upon us, but there are some very, very serious concerns about what that means for humanity.

Famous scientists have been speaking up for several years about AI, and how we need to tread very carefully in implementing it — lest we end up with a Terminator or Matrix-esque future.

The point is, artificial intelligence will change everything; it’s just a matter of how humanity fits into the equation.

3. Space exploration/resource capture

There’s an awful lot of money literally flying through space.

The problem is, we don’t have a real way of reaching it; or capturing it, and bringing it back down to Earth for processing and use.

Asteroids, giant hunks of rock that are flying through or suspended in outer space, are loaded with precious metals and other natural resources that are in finite supply here on Earth.

If we were to find a way to get to these asteroids, mine them, and bring said resources back, we could effectively limit scarcity problems.

4. Water scarcity

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, or live in the drought-stricken western part of Australia, you’re well aware that water scarcity is an ongoing issue.

And with global climate change starting to reshape how and where water levels ebb and flow, it’s something that we’re going to need to find answers to, and fast.

5. Food Production

Issues like water scarcity and energy storage also play into our final big problem that needs solving: food production.

We may have it good here in Australia, but there are still millions upon millions of starving and hungry people in the world.

And as the climate changes, and resources become even further strained, growing crops and raising animals for food will become even more difficult — if not impossible.

Got any solutions for any of those?

Me neither 😀


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