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How To Have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Generating New Leads And Sales For Your Business*… Without Using Up Your Precious Time

(* nb these clients results are not typical please see the testimonial disclaimer here for more information)

If you’ve ever wondered if companies are actually generating more leads and sales by using Facebook… Twitter…LinkedIn… and other social media sites… then you’ll be interested in these success stories.

  • Stephen Leighton, launched “Has Bean Coffee”, an Internet coffee-roasting business.  Thanks to social media he’s able to sell to his customers around the globe.
  • Neenah Paper, a paper products manufacturer, were no longer able to get through to their ideal customers. Using the phone and in-person meetings were not working as well. So Neenah started using Twitter. Today, the company uses Twitter to generate new business.
  • Geoff Tucker is an equine dentist who actively uses social media to generate new clients for his business. And over the last 12 months, Facebook alone has generated about 100 leads and 10-to-15 customers.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk has built a $50+ million (yes MILLION) wine business by using social media.

You see, using social media is like having your own radio or TV show. You’re able to broadcast your message to people following your postings. And when you do this you’re able to build relationships, make sales, get feedback, inform, release news and educate potential customers.

What’s more, you’re not having to go looking for your prospects. You see, the number of people using social media web sites has exploded. Just consider this; According to The Financial Times, the average time spent by visitors on social media sites in January 2012 is as follows:

  • Facebook has 1.2 BILLION users spending 405 minutes/month. That’s 6 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Pinterest/Tumblr: 89 minutes. That’s 1 hour and 29 minutes.
  • Twitter has 225 million users spending 21 minutes/month.
  • LinkedIn has 161 million members spending 17 minutes/month.

BUT, the problem for many business owners using Social Media is this: TIME

Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the other social media takes up your precious time.  Let’s face it; you’ve got a business to run. You have staff to organize… Clients to look after… Meetings to attend… Stock that needs ordering…Deliveries to organize… And 101 other things you need to do and think about to keep your business profitably operating.

And on top of this you NOW need to update your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn every day. Not only this, your updates need to be interesting and engage those people following your postings. So you now need to become a writer as well as running your business.

It’s no wonder so many businesses using Twitter or Facebook start posting updates, news and tips and then after an initial burst of posts, their activity dwindles. Until it stops altogether. You just don’t have time.

Have an Extra Sales Channel Created For You

Yet, used on a regular basis social media can produce a regular supply of leads and sales for your business. Just as many other businesses are discovering. Businesses such as:

  • Moonfruit, a web hosting company, did a simple promotion via Twitter. And they got a 350% increase in people signing up to their web site.
  • Software Assistance Limited started using Twitter and within two weeks had generated 3 new business enquiries.
  • DCG Chauffeurs got six new clients after using Twitter who now regularly use their services,
  • Saronti, producers of personalised family books now get more web site visitors via Twitter than from Google. Plus, they’ve got partnership opportunities and even been contacted by a reseller in Australia.
  • Jessies Jewels, which sells affordable costume jewellery, are seeing more and more sales directly coming from their Facebook page.
  • attributes 50% of her online sales to their Facebook Page.

And now our social media managers can help your business

We can manage all your social media campaigns. We update your Facebook pages, your Twitter messages and your LinkedIn. So your followers see your regular posts. Get their questions answered. Your prospects are engaged. Your brand gets boosted. In short, we do the donkey work everyday so you don’t have to. So you can concentrate on your core business – without having to think about your social media updates.

  • When you have regular social media updates posted by us for your business, you’re able to engage with new and potential customers. So your brand awareness increases and your followers become devoted fans. And they are more likely to become paying customers. And as a result your business can generate higher profits.
  • When you have regular social media updates posted by us you have a new sales channel opens up for your business. It’s like when a business gets its first web site to use to generate new customers.
  • When you have regular social media updates posted by us you know you’re not being left behind your competitors. You join those businesses who are already profiting from using social media.

Packages start at $1000

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Look, only you know whether you’re ready to outsource all your social media postings. So you don’t have to think about updating each social media platform every day. Whatever you decide to do, we hope that social media brings you many more sales and higher profits.


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