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Brand Creation & Brand Management online is more than just a sexy logo or how your website looks.  You want anyone who types your business name into Google to find you DOMINATING the front page.  In addition, if anyone looks for a recommendation for the product or service you supply, you want their freinds and family to have connected with and to recommend you! 

This is the way that Search Engines are going now – it’s not going to be about how clever your webmaster is at search engine optimisation, but how connected your business is to as many people across as many social media platforms as possible.

Your brand is about much more than just your logo, or your business cards, it’s the voice of your business, the human face of your business, the way you interact with both your potential future customers and your existing customers.

It’s no longer enough to have a telephone number and an email, your customers want to interact with you on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, Ecademy and now Google + 

And it’s not good enough to just have a profile there, you need to be active there too.  (The good news is, some of this can be automated!)

Your existing AND your potential future customers or clients want to interact with you where they work and play, online, on their computers, and increasingly their SmartPhones, their iPads and Kindles.

If you are not there to greet them, talk to them, hear their requests and complaints, give them information and useful gifts, special offers and surprises, you can bet they will be interacting with your competition, who are there!

Can you really afford for that to happen?

We offer a very select few business owners the opportunity to work with us to put this “joined up marketing” online presence together for you, and then either mentor you to use it properly, or to act as your outsourced online marketing department and do it all for you.  We only take on one company type per area so you will be enjoying our exclusive services.

** Because we don’t outsource any of this overseas – unlike most Internet Marketing & Social Media companies springing up now – you can rely on us to get to know you and your company thoroughly and act just like one of your employees.  We will present a human, intelligent, well spoken and written face to your customers **

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