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SEO Results – A Case Study In Ranking Quickly On Google

Here’s our latest SEO results, which are for our own digital marketing agency.

We work hard on our own marketing and treat the business as we would any of our clients.

This results in great marketing improvements for our own business, and the lessons we learn spending our own money on marketing, we can then apply to our clients marketing for their businesses.

ROARlocal SEO results
ROARlocal SEO results
Using Google’s ad diagnostics tool to ensure the results are not influenced by my IP and being logged in to my Google account, we are now on Page 1 of Google, position 4, for the search term “digital marketing agency” (see below for an update on this!)
This exact match gets 1200 searches per month.
Google says to get a click costs $7
Meaning the top position would be worth $8400 per month in traffic for us.
We are currently position 4 and according to Google we can expect 10% of the organic clicks:
organic click through rates
organic click through rates
With the top 4 positions in any Search Rank obtaining 80% of clicks, it proves how valuable the top 10 positions are for any keyword or phrase. Unfortunately, ranking below page 2 has almost no business value other than tracking and trending, but there is a slight lift in results for the first place of the second page (position 11).
We have been working on this keyword and SEO strategy for a little over 3 weeks now, and admittedly we have spent A LOT of time, money and energy on it, but as you can see the results speak for themselves 🙂
If you would like my team to get your website to page 1 of Google then get in touch here
P.S a quick update. I just checked this and as of this morning we are now No 1!
See below:
SEO Results
Page 1 Position for for the search term “digital marketing agency” 🙂

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