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Month 1 SEO Review, What We Did + How We Did It

So your first month of SEO is up 🙂

We’ve now built your “blog network” for you and we’re ready top push hard in month 2.

Here’s a video that shows you in more detail what we’ve done for you

and here’s a mind map that adds another level of detail for you 🙂

Want to see a BIGGER version of this? Then click here

If you’re interested to know how we did this, here it is, step by step:

Step 1 : Finding/Buying high Page Rank domains

First off building a blog network is not free. Most decent domains we buy cost about $50 – $100 EACH we aim to spend the entire amount you give us for the first month’s SEO buying domains for you, in essence we work for free so that we can WOW you with results later and hopefully keep you as a client long term

How We Choose The Best Sites For You



Choosing the best sites is not hard, but if you do not know what you’re doing you’re going to lose hundreds of dollars and screw up your SEO. Just follow these steps and you will be fine:

1) Scan the site’s backlinks

This is done by throwing the site into majestic SEO. What we want to see is a large amount of links coming from good sources.

This is because when a domain expires, if it does not have a healthy link profile, it loses PR fast when the content changes. We will be changing the content, so it is super important that the site has good links.

On top of this, the links ALSO effect the amount of link juice the site will give. A PR 5 with 100k links will give more juice than a PR 5 with 40 links. This also depends on where the links are coming from, and the PR of the links, this can be a pain to find out though.

In short, a good amount of links with a good trust and citation flow (10+) is a good sign.

Here is my criteria for PR domains. Feel totally free to break this, as I do all the time. These are simply my best practices to be 100% safe:

PR 3 – 100+ links

PR 4 – 800+ links

PR 5 – 1500+ links

The next thing we need to do is make sure this is not a fake PR domain.

Fake PR domain: When you 301 redirect a high PR domain to another site, the site gains the PR of the redirected site. A lot of people will do this, then sell the site that gains the “fake PR”. Then as soon as it is sold they will remove the redirect, thus wiping out the sold sites PR.

This is very easy to check for. Simply go to this fake PR checker. Throw the domain in and look at the results.

3) Make sure the site is healthy

The last thing we want do is make sure the site is 1)indexed and 2) healthy

A lot of people will go to Google and enter “site” (the url). If the site is indexed it will show up.

I go one step further though. I simply to put in the domain name ( If the site is healthy and has PR it will show up due to its exact match-ness. If it is not showing up this is usually a sign the site stinks. It might be indexed, but that does not mean its not penalised.

You Now Know How To Buy High PR Domains

As long as you make sure to follow the info above, you are pretty much guaranteed to be an effective domain buyer… Now onto the next step:

Step 2: Setting Up Domains Safely

If you do not know, Google does not like blog networks. This is because they work REALLY well and are very hard to find without a manual review… IF they are done right.

Now if Google finds your network, your PR sites will get de-indexed and your money sites will get a penalty. We want to avoid this. The good news is that if you follow a few simple steps it is highly unlikely that your PR sites will ever be found.

These are those simple steps and things to avoid:

We Set Your Sites Up On Different IP Addresses

While I personally believe this is a tad overkill, it is basic practice to put your sites on what is called “different class C IP hosting”.

We do this so that Google cannot simply check a single IP and find all of your PR sites.

Then we install WordPress and hosting as usual.

We Make Your Sites Unique

By this I mean different WordPress themes, unique content and different layouts.

Now take this a far as you want. This actually does not make your network any less trackable from a “technical” side. It also does not effect how powerful the links are.

The reason we do this is to make your sites not so obvious at first glance. If all your sites are just on a blank WordPress theme with the same content, its very easy to spot it as a blog network.

Step 3 : Making Your Sites Relevant

So this is where we make our network 3x more effective. This is because we are going to turn our sites into “perfect link farms”. We are going to do this by making the sites relevant to your niche.

So What Does It Mean To Be Relevant?

Being “relevant” is actually pretty simple. Google looks at some very basic things when determining what a site is “relevant” to.

Its looks at things like;

-Title and meta tags

-The content on the page

-Image titles

Whatever you fill the above areas with will determine what your site is “relevant” to.

How Do We Use This?

So, ideally, if we are trying to rank a site for a keyword like “spider catcher for sale”, we want to make our PR network links relevant to “spider catcher”.

So we could go out and buy five PR5 sites. We would then fill these sites with spider catcher related info.

Ideally, we would want a site with a relevant URL. This is VERY hard to do though, and is not that important. So in short, do not let a PR site’s URL be a factor.

For example

Title : Reviews of spider catcher

Content: A 450 word article talking about why all spider catchers should catch them humanely

Images : Titled “spider catcher” and preferably of spider catcher or spiders

Video : we create video of your site and host that

Social media: We set up social media for each site that makes it relevant

BINGO The Site Is Relevant

Step 4 : Strategically Linking

Okay, now that we have your sites set up, time to just slap links all over them for you right… NO!

If you have spent any time here you already know there are a ton of factors that effect how much juice a link passes on. You also know that Google has some pretty sharp over-optimisation rules.

If you don’t know these things, then here is EXACTLY how you need to link from your sites:

The Rule Of 3

One thing you’ve got to keep in mind is that you do not just have to place one link per money site on your PR sites. Each link will send more juice to your site, with diminishing returns.

This basically means each links is less powerful, but is still powerful, since it is coming from a high PR relevant site.

So what I like to do is build 3 links per money site. I do it in the following pattern

– The first link is an exact anchor text link (spider catcher for sale)

– The 2nd link is relevant anchor text link (Arachnids)

– The 3rd link is either a URL link ( or a picture link… Like the one below;

SEO Fast Ranking case study
SEO Fast Ranking case study

Too Many Links = Bad

Having too many links on your PR site will not totally ruin the power of your links, however for optimal results try to keep your outbound links under 10. Hence we MUST buy LOTS of domains for you and do a shedload of work to make your site rank well.

Get It On The Page With The PR

You must, must, must get your links on the page with the PR. This will always be the home page. There are a few ways to do this.

– In the side bar

– In the footer

– In the content

There you have it, that’s what we’ve been up to in Month 1 🙂

Month 2 is very different, now we start aggressively building back links for you, watch your website fly up the rankings this month!

Thanks again for being a client of ours and trusting your SEO to us, it means a lot to us and we’re going flat out to make sure you get the results you want.