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Would You Like To Sell Your Products In Australia?

sydney0906-thumbHi My name is Neil Asher

I’m an internet entrepreneur having started and built 5 multi million pound companies.

You can read more about me here.

Did you know that there are 21 million people in Australia?

Or that our economy is the strongest in the world?

Well it is and this makes it a great place for you to set up a distributor here.

I’m looking for great products that i can sell here in Australia,we take great products that are selling well offline and/or in different countries, and sell them on and offline in Australia.

We typically spend $90,000 + per month on buying online media on top 1000 Alexa web sites.

We have distribution throughout Australia and can quickly help you grow your business here.

We normally do this in 1 of 2 ways;

Initially we prefer to test the waters by simply buying your product at a wholesale price. However once we’ve established that we’re a good fit for each other and the product sells well here in Australia we move to formalize our arrangement with a licensing agreement where we will pay you a % of the business turn over (all this is audit-able and transparent).

This way you have more control and you get a revenue stream that has cost you nothing to create and we do all the work on.

We create marketing assets here in oz and we’ll expect you to share all your marketing intel with us, it’s in both of our best interests to sell as many of your products as possible after all.

We like to work very closely with the people we partner with and we’ll share all the marketing intel we create with you too and often times the work we do here in oz has helped our partners grow their businesses back home in the states.

We’ve done this with 5 other businesses and successfully and profitably sold their products here in Australia.

If you have the type of product that sells well here in Australia then I’d LOVE to talk to you.

because we’ve done this succssfully already we’ve worked out what works here in Australia, so without further a do

Here’s what we look for in a business:

a) An established product, something that’s already built and working and you’re looking to for windfall profits by taking it overseas

b) Your marketing is tested and systemised. We do a lot of work in marketing and we’re very good at it. However it’s great to have a base to test from.

c) Your marketing strategy does not rely on contacts or joint ventures this is not a strategy that’s scalable. It might might in your country where you have the contacts but won’t in others.

d) A great community of satisfied customers in place is a massive plus.

e) You have great support in place, good e-mail support is a must to make sure that the customers we sell to get looked after, once the business is established we look to move support to our territories.

f) You have new products being developed all the time, this is great to have, we are not product developers, our value is in marketing within new territories.

g) You have (real) physical and digital products, both is best, just physical is OK all digital is not.

h) Your products are not sold via info nights or from the stage, we’re not speakers, we’re marketers.

i) You’re in a good niche that is perenial and/or growing, 1 hit wonders are OK but we like to build long term businesses.

j) Your products have a great online reputation and have won awards (if possible), if your products are featured all over the net with terrible reviews we can’t help you.

If you have a product like this get in touch, we invest heavily in setting up great profitable businesses that will give you a new profit centre at no cost to you.

Simply fill in the form below and we’ll schedule a time to talk on the phone.

Then once we’ve chatted if we’re going to move forward I’ll fly out to the states to meet you properly and set up a plan to grow your business here.

So fill in the form to get started


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