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How To Sell Ice To Eskimo’s On Amazon

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Manuka Honey anyone?

If you don’t know what Manuka honey is, I’ll explain. Its gold. Pure, edible gold.

It’s good for you, it tastes like nectar from the Gods, and you can even use it as a bloody skin care product. For the health conscious masses, this shit is the Holy Grail.

It has its own section on the Amazon USA store. So I’m flipping the script a bit here. These products are manufactured in the great plains of Australia and land of the Kiwi’s.

This stuff would be a snip to source here and could be sold on without breaking a sweat.

What’s more important is more and more killer products are getting their own little shrine on Amazon.

Its like the popular kids at high school all over again. Manuka honey is the prom queen and we all fancy her.

Granted, this shit is pricey. However, when you live in the country where it’s produced – or at the very least a neighboring country, you have one hell of an advantage.

Everyone’s a fit freak these days, and people want the top notch products to help them become some sort of Adonis. In the eye of its consumer, Manuka Honey is Chuck Norris on steroids.

This isn’t just a product, this is the ‘must have’, it will save customers from obesity, destroy terrorists then fly around the world curing hunger.

Even though it’s a brilliant product to sell on Amazon. It’s the bigger, better picture that you need to consider.

As more of the same product sections come onto the market – that’s a wider range of products for you to grab and sell the shit out of. Amazon is doing the frickin’ work for you! – Selecting, sorting and selling your product whilst you put your feet up.

Best of all – I’ve got you covered.

This is the tip of the iceberg; my course is the Titanic crashing through it.

Join me as an Aussie Online Entrepreneur, you’ll learn the ins and outs of buying products and setting up a killer store. Making profits sweet as honey. See what I did there?

You’ll learn a detailed understanding of how to sell niche products and I’ll program you into a moneymaking Amazon love machine!!

Do it. You won’t regret it.


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