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Should you sell your ass to make cash?

Sherri used to be a madam

She operated a den of inequity in Wollongong

She had 5 ladies working for her, 2 asians, 2 aussies and a black girl

She said that her clients liked to rotate through the girls, black girl one day, asian the next and aussie the next

She learnt that having a broad product catalogue was important

Her clients would usually come once a month or so until she started to run deal days

25% off services when bundled with others

She even experimented with a buy one get one free deal

She was surprised when it was not at all popular

She said that most men only dream about 2 but the reality is it’s too scar for them… at least her clients

She hustled and made some money

Then, one day, without notice, she had a visit from a bikie with a shot gun

He wanted “protection money”

Her clients were lonely men and she didn’t need protection though, so he left

That night a shot was fired through her window

The next day she left

Now she’s in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Those skills she learnt in business all apply to making cashola online

instead of bikies we have Jeff Bezos, a more benevolent overlord

She’s happier, she’s stopped drinking and she’s taking care of herself more, yoga, the gym and eating well

She told me that her profession is NOT the oldest

Commerce is.

people have traded goods since the neanderthals

It’s time tested and it works

Buy cheaply in Asia

Sell to wealthy yanks

No need to sell your soul

Learn what Sherri learned to set herself free by joining me as an Aussie Online Entrepreneur

We’re a great bunch of folks from ex lawyers to tradies, 35 to 84 right across Australia!

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