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What To Sell On Amazon To Make Money Online

So you make to Make Money Online, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m going to show you what to sell on Amazon that will virtually guarantee your success, my simple strategy for you is to copy an already highly profitable Amazon business in America and replicate their success here in Australia.

Today I’m going to cover shoes… lots of lovely shoes!

Do you like shoes?

I must confess to a slightly perverse obsession with hand made shoes.

The greatest shoe maker in the world, John Lobb, started off making shoes for Aussie blokes shearing sheep in the outback.

He’s since gone on to become the best known shoe maker in the world, he makes shoes for most of Australia’s politicians and high powered businessmen as well as a few Amazon entrepreneurs like me 😉

So I want to show you 2 stores on Amazon that could EASILY be copied.

The first is Peltz shoes

What to sell on Amazon
What to sell on Amazon

They sell shoe care, thongs etc

They are the 479th most popular store on Amazon!

I would estimate that their monthly sales are approx $7 million … PER MONTH!

Think Aussie like shoes?

Think Aussies Use shoe care products?

Course we bloody do!

OK think footwaer is all about bespoke shoes and Manola Blahniks?

Think again compadre

Lets get dead sexy with some work wear for women!

dead sexy like!
dead sexy like!

Women are awesome (just ask my wife she’ll tell you) when I worked as a chef I hired lots of amazeballs ladies to work with me, they all need work shoes, nurses, tradeswomen and many many more.

They ALL need workshoes

So, who’s gonna sell them these shoes?

Why you are my retifism friend (if you can’t be arsed googling what that word means it means you have a special “thing” for shoes 😉

Let me show you why:

YAY sexy time shoes!!
YAY sexy time shoes!!

Get the idea?

Thars mucho moolah in them thar lady toe covers comprende?

Who’s gonna teach you how to do that?


So here’s the dealio, come join me as an Aussie Online Entrepreneur I’ll show you how to get great shoes to sell at a price that will mean a LOT of profits for you, I’ll show you how to set your Amazon shop up and how to get lots of hungry buyers to give you money

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