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When she sees her ex husband she plays this trick on him…

carolyn_stansberry-the_stansberry_firmDid you ever notice as you get older men stop paying attention to you, it’s like you’ve disappeared

My name is Carolan Bishop, I’m a real person, I live in Liverpool in England. Up until 2 years ago I was ignored by pretty much all the men I’d meet.

I was working my butt off in a job that was unfulfilling and dull, working with a group of men that felt that women weren’t up to the task of men’s work. We should “stick to typing” as one particularly lovely man told me.

My husband expected me to work too and he’d shout if the house was a mess, although he’d never lift a finger to help. He made a point of reminding me that HE earned the most money, never mind that I raised 3 children for him whilst also working a job.

Then about 18 months ago he left me a “Dear Carolan” letter on my dresser and filed for divorce. He’d been having an affair with his PA and he’d decided she was a younger; prettier, go-getter than I was.

I was devastated, I went for counselling and knew my troubles were down to low self-confidence.

My counsellor listened carefully and told me that I should start doing something to help me feel productive and to use my skills whilst developing new ones.

So I looked around for a simple home based business I could start, I wanted to find something I could do and feel proud of doing too.

A friend who worked for a law firm told me that he’d just started selling things on Amazon.

So I had a look, made a decision and decided I had nothing to lose.

My Amazon business went live 6 months ago, I use Facebook to promote my products through groups and some simple pages that I set up with Matt’s help

It’s changed my life.

Now when I see my ex-husband I have this secret trick I play on him. You see, thanks to the boost in confidence this business has given me I’ve also lost weight and now I’m dressing in more stylish clothes and taking more care of myself, honestly, I look and feel great!

I know a cafe where he goes with some of his “mates.” I love to go there with my new boyfriend, park my BMW outside so he can see it next to his old car and as I stroll past I whisper “hello Mark.”

I don’t want to brag but I know through the grapevine that his friends often ask about me… “who is she? is she single?” And he has to tell them and I love it 😀

If you think you’re ready to take control of your life and you’re not afraid to learn something new then you can join Matt on his free webinar, tonight at 8pm

You’ll see the exact same simple system Matt showed me

And maybe, like me, it will change your life too


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