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How Rupert Murdoch Lost $100 Mill

neil asherYou know I never stop being surprised by seemingly smart people getting ripped off for millions

Take Rupert Murdoch for instance

He’s worth 12.3 billion

So, you know, pretty smart with his cash right?

Well Murdoch invested 100 mill into a blood testing company called Theranos


The female spruiker behind this elaborate scam was one heck of a sales woman apparently and used her skills to fleece lots of smart investors

100 mill… makes you think huh

That’s why I love Amazon

It’s Tested

It’s Proven

It Works!

In the 2015 letter to shareholders Jeff Bezos said that the average seller on Amazon working 15 hours or more a week makes $100K a year!

Holy cashola batman!

Can I interest you in working 15 hours a week and making $100K a year?

Thought so 😉

Listen this is not going to make you a billionaire


It can, and does, set folks just like you free

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