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That’s my oldest daughter Isabella, she took a day off to go to University with my wife Tash.

Tash is studying ceramics at National Art School, she’s following her dreams, but it wasn’t always that way.

Tash always wanted to be an artist, she dreamed about it as a kid and declared to the world at 8 she was going to be an artist.

But her parents told her she’d never make any money as an artist and she should do something that would make her a steady income….

Her dad wanted her to be an accountant.

Her mum suggested she get an office job.

Parental pressure can be tough right?

So off she went to business school

Where she spent 3 years studying to become something her parents wanted her to be…

When she finished her degree her parents were delighted… that night she told me she cried herself to sleep

She started a job working for someone who wanted her to always give more and whenever she did it wasn’t enough and nor was it good enough.

It was hell

It broke my heart to see her like this

She was depressed, she stopped taking care of herself, the stress was visible , her hair started to fall out.

It was horrible.

I couldn’t let her be like this

It was a major driving force for me to replace her income with a business, at first I was terrible. I made so many mistakes and screwed up on a daily basis.

We lived in a cockroach infested studio apartment, at night the bed bugs feasted on us.

But I knew if I kept at it, I’d get better.

and I did, soon I was making enough so that my wife could tell her boss to shove it. I called my wife at work and said

“Honey I’m picking you up, tell your boss you’re quitting”

She freaked out and said “are you sure?” and I was sure.

We had lunch and she’s never looked back.

Now she’s following her dreams, she’s an artist and sells her products online.

She tells me I’m her secret weapon because I know a thing or two about selling stuff online 😀

But you know what, she’s never been happier.

That feels good, know what I mean?

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It’s time to reclaim your life

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