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Are You Ready to Swallow a Pill Full of Poop?

this-vibrating-engine-powered-pill-wants-to-make-you-poopRight now one of the fastest growing areas of alternative medicine is a little thing called a

fecal microbiota transplant

Just as it sounds, the idea is that the poop of a healthy person is swallowed by someone with a bad gut and the good bacteria in the poop colonizes the new gut, and lo and behold they’re cured!

Now I make light of it but the science is solid and the results have been dramatic!

Naturally the poop is cleaned and only the bacteria is left, so you don’t literally have to swallow someones poop, unless you’re into that sort of thing

That idea though of taking in someone else’s good bacteria to improve your own is a concept that I like

I’ve often thought that swallowing a pill or just downloading the mindset of a millionaire ecommerce entrepreneur would be very cool

That’s why I have a special section for my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs all about mindset

There’s no pill of poop to take, just hyper stimulating videos that download the entrepreneurial mindset into your own brain

Watch them and be forever changed

? Usually procrastinate?

! Wake Up Productive!

? Unsure where to start?

! Be Certain In Your Choices!

Here’s what Belinda Hall from Orange in NSW has to say

“The support is simply fantastic, I could not be happier with my decision to join the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs”

Belinda is launching a skin care range 🙂

Why not launch your own online business?

It sure as hell beats swallowing poop at a J.O.B all day!

Neil Asher

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