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PROOF Chinese Robots Will Kills Us

Bang You're Dead!
Bang You’re Dead!
Right now you already know that a robot is gunning for your job

Jobs are being automated at an unprecedented rate and frankly, if you’re not putting a plan B in place, you’re a fool.

(for a plan B see below)


Robots will not only steal your job they’ll also ultimately kill you

Here’s why

Imagine that 2 countries are at war

China and America let’s say

China has drones and combat robots that are fully autonomous, meaning no human interaction is required

They are controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

America, bowing to liberals, has drones and combat robots that are, in part, controlled by humans

Liberals were worried that AI empowered robots would simply kill us all

So all US weapons have a fail safe, a human must press the “kill” button

OK let’s play this little battle out

An American robot drone meets a Chinese robot drone above the south china sea

The Chinese drone instantly launches an attack

Human reactions are fast, but a radio signal has to travel from the drone to the human and back agin

In the time this happens

The American drone is dead

Same goes on the battle field

Combat drones that have a human fail safe will lose

AI powered combat robots will reign supreme

How long until America changes all it’s weapons to AI ?

Not long

See where I’m going with this?

ANY country that relies on a human fail safe for their killing machines will be disadvantaged in battle

No one likes to lose

So all killing machines will be autonomous

and then…

Well, you can work out the rest

Here’s why I’m telling you this

Depending on who you ask that little scenario is 7 – 20 years away

I don’t know about you but I’m keen to maximise the fun I have between now and then!

Best way to have fun?

That usually involves se.xytime and cashola

(anyone tells you that something is better than s,e.x is simply not doing it right!)

Money can and does buy happiness

I know of no better way to make oodles of lovely cashola than an online business

Your job is screwed anyway so you may as well get busy on your plan B now!

I can show you how to do that

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Neil Asher

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