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Your Pay Per Click Campaign Must Generate More Clicks at a Lower Cost Within The Next 60 Days…. Or We’ll Refund Any PPC Management Fees …And Give YOU £100 Towards Your PPC Campaign

You’ll discover more about our amazing guarantee in a moment. But, before you do…

… If you’re want a Pay Per Click campaign that generates more targeted prospects to your site…. at lower cost per click…. then you’ll be interested in our client Cocomoon‘s story.

Cocomoon is an introductions agency based in Newcastle. It’s owned by O2 Entrepreneur of the Year, Sharon Kell. And Sharon wanted us to set up and manage her pay per click campaign. So this is what we did:

We split the Cocomoon PPC campaign into four categories. Morning, noon, afternoon and evening. We did this – because we figured out that different ads would appeal to people at different times of day. After all, somebody looking for love first thing in the morning has different priorities to somebody looking for love in the afternoon or the evening.

So we wrote PPC ads that entered the conversation her prospects are having in their mind when they see a Cocomoon ad. And each ad changed according to the time of day. For instance an afternoon ad running from 3pm to; “No dinner date again? You deserve better than this. Let us help you find true love.” And after 7pm the ad changed to “Sleeping alone again.” But that’s not all we did.

Once a person clicks on an ad they are then taken to a specific landing page. And each landing page is split tested according to the ad content and the search intent of the keyword. In addition, each Cocomoon ad is geo targeted. This means only people who are potential customers see Cocomoon ads. So somebody in a different part of the country to Newcastle won’t see the Cocomoon ads. This stops people clicking on their ads who are not potential customers.

Has our approach been successful? You bet!

Slashed £170 OFF the Cost of Getting a New Customer

Cocomoon has reduced their cost of customer acquisition from £200 down to £30. That’s a saving of £170 per customer! Plus, we’ve tripled the volume of leads going into her business. And this was just for Google PPC. We’ve done a similar thing for their facebook, Bing and LinkedIn campaigns…..Cocomoon are delighted. They’re spending a lot less money on their advertising campaigns and they’re getting the maximum amount of new customers from their budget.

Then there are the Pay Per Click Campaigns we manage for a Brighton printers.

They were already running a small Pay Per Click campaign when we first met. So we expanded this and brought more keywords into the campaign. By doing this we found lots more keywords which would bring in more leads.  We also started a Facebook Pay Per Click campaign targeting potential buyers.

Again our approach was very successful. We brought in..

£65,000 of new business for the printers

..within a few months. In fact, the printers had to employ an extra person to look after the increased workload.

You see, when we work with clients they get much more than their Pay Per Click campaigns managed for them. We also provide a fresh set of eyes to their business. So we’re able to identify new streams of income for clients.

Why are we able to get such great results for clients?

Well, we’re fanatical testers. We turn small percentage increases into larger percentage increases. And by doing so your pay per click campaign becomes more effective. The result is you get the maximum amount of new visitors to your web site your budget can afford. More hot leads and sales which we help you turn into higher profits. And help you to become the dominant player in your marketplace.

Once we‘re managing your PPC campaign;

  • You’ll know you’re getting the most clicks for your budget.
  • You’ll convert more visitors into clients.
  • You’ll make more sales.
  • Your business will produce higher profits.
  • You’ll dominate your marketplace online.
  • You won’t worry about your competitors.

Remember you’re not risking a single penny of your own money by becoming a client of ours. That’s because we offer new pay per click clients a super strong guarantee. When we manage your pay per click campaign…

 … You must get more clicks at a lower cost then you’re currently getting within 60 days….or we refund our fees.

… And we’ll give you £100 to buy PPC traffic if we’ve NOT delivered the results we said we would.

Now that’s a strong guarantee we’ve just given you. But, obviously, we wouldn’t stay in business very long unless we deliver results for clients.

So if you’re ready to have the customer acquisition costs slashed… if you’re ready to get more traffic at lower costs to your web site tomorrow…. If you’re ready for your website to convert more visitors into customers…then you need to talk to us.

Right now, you can take advantage of a FREE 30 minute pay per click consultation. There is no future obligation. And don’t worry, you will NOT be sold to when we speak. Sure, we’ll reveal the areas we feel we can help you. And point out the advantages of having us manage your pay per click campaign. But we will NOT give you any hard sales talk. We hate sales people who use hard sales tactics just as much as you do. That’s why we don’t give potential clients any hard sales talk.

Anyway, click here to arrange your consultation.

We Pay for Your First £100 of PPC Traffic

When you become a client we’ll give you £100 towards your first month of PPC traffic. That’s right, we’ll pay for the first £100 of PPC traffic to your web site. Why do we do this?

That’s because it’s our way of:

1. Thanking you for becoming one of our clients.

2. Showing you we’re serious about making your PPC campaign a success.

Not ready to become a client?

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Anyway whatever decision you make we’ll leave it up to you. Only you know what’s best for your business. And if you’re ready to have your online marketing ramped up to produce more leads…more sales… and… higher profits.

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The audit will be used to determine if you’re a good fit for the £ 250 monthly PPC Essentials package. You won’t be charged for anything until then!

PPC Bottom Line FAQ

  1. What if I want to cancel? 
    Cancel anytime- there are no contracts. We invoice one month at a time, just let us know within 5 business days before the end of the month. Once we start a new month, your cancellation will apply to the next month.
  2. What if I only want half of a month of PPC management? 
    We only do entire months, except in the case of new sign ups. If you sign up between the 16th and 31st of a month, we’ll only charge you half of the fees for that month.
  3. What if I want to request something specific or special? 
    You can submit a request via email to receive additional reporting, phone support, strategy or any kind of help at the hourly rate of £200 per hour.
  4. What if I want to talk to my PPC specialist on the phone? 
    We’re more than happy to speak to you on the phone about your account strategy, structure and provide training and tutorials so pick up the phone and call.
  5. What if I’m afraid of change? 
    No problem. We’ll pause all your current PPC campaigns and build our own, upload and you can run a side by side comparison over time. If our work is doing better, you can just carry on. But if it’s too much change, you can just pause what we’ve uploaded and go right back to your old campaigns.
  6. Am I allowed to make any changes myself? 
    We’d really rather you didn’t, other than possibly ad copy. We’ll be running rules and performing tweaks and with too many “cooks in the kitchen” it’ll be hard for us to tell what is working and what isn’t.
  7. Can I just buy the set up piece by itself? 
    Yes. We’ll set it up, turn it over and off you go!

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