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Why Porsche + Channel Never Discount

Porsche On sale?
Porsche On sale?
Over the weekend it was black Friday and yesterday it was Cyber Monday

Both are marketer made up holidays to sell you stuff

Amazon will do Billions in sales

Most people I know on Amazon will discount their stuff and like good sheeple lose money that they could have made by selling at full price

Wanna know something important?

Great brands never go on sale

Luis Vuitton

Never ever ever will you see them on sale


Because it ruins brands and loses profits

Here’s the reality

1. Some people only buy when there is a sale. (these are always the worst customers to have)

2. Other people value your product and will pay full price, putting it on sale kills profits you could have made

3. Cyber Monday sales are followed by very slow Tuesdays, weak Wednesdays and crappy Thursdays. The sales bump is an illusion

4. Why would someone pay full price if you always discount? Discounting is a race to the bottom that you’ll lose playing against the Chinese.

My advice for what it’s worth is to copy great brands

There’s a reason they’re so successful

It ain’t because they discount

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