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Paeodophiles Gone Wild

3f00ee15-06cd-4504-a88d-9c007d0efb2aI bloody hate Paeodophiles

They’ve totally screwed things up for normal dads

Last night was halloween and I took my 2 daughters (Izzy 9 and Charlotte 4) and 5 of their friends trick or treating on our street

I had my best Frankenstein wig on and a bolt through my neck

So we were walking up the street and one of the girls was acting like a spoilt brat

Demanding more of the chocolates

Taking them from the others

Telling them to shut up if they complained

Just generally acting like a spoilt little beeatch

In the end i stopped her and told her she could either play nice or I’d send her home

She told me in no uncertain terms that i could shove my “advice” where the sun don’t shine

10 years old mind you

So I took her arm and I was just about to give her a pat on the butt when a voice in my head said stop

Now I have no idea what you think about giving kids a light smack when they deserve it

I come from a home where if we talked back to my dad he’d give us a smack on the bum

We soon learned to respect our elders

Now in this crazy PC world I couldn’t even tell her off properly for fear of getting in trouble

So I had to sit there and let her play up until I could tell her folks and they’d discipline her

I dunno

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I think there’s nothing wrong with a pat on the bum when kids mis behave

I KNOW that some lettuce eating do goober is going to email me to say that you should never hit kids

I’m not talking about getting the belt out or anything daft like that, so hold your pink fluffy unicorn horses thar!

I blame Paedophile’s

They’ve made dads and teachers think twice before hugging kids that aren’t there own

That in turn has lead us to over think other stuff too, like discipline

What do you think?

Comment and let me know

Neil Asher

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