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How One Product Is Raking In Over $100,000 A Month On Amazon!

If you haven’t worked it out from the title, the seller of this item is richer than Scrooge McDuck.

It’s a good job they sell scales, there’s no need to even count their money, they just whack it on until the LCD display reads, “$$$ – Ker-ching”.

Although what they sell is high-end electronic scales, there’s no reason why you can’t replicate the hell out of it on Amazon here in Australia – all you need is some nous and a little bit of savvy.

Just one of their products, ONE, is making over $100,000, per month, on Amazon – an electronic bathroom scale. As scales go, it’s pretty nifty but it’s the price point that’s rather sexy.

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At $22.95 that’s a great price, right?

If you’re sourcing a product like a compact, electronic bathroom scale, that comes with additional extras such as ‘upsetting reality check’, you’ll find it’s cheap as chips.

Pick one up for around 5 bucks in China and sell it for around $24. No wonder their profits are huge.

Neil Asher

Oh but that’s not all, what about a kitchen top scale? These are even cheaper to source and can be sold for top top dollar.

Who uses kitchen scales?

Anyone who’s ever followed a damn recipe.

There will be a point in everyone’s life where they attempt to bake or cook something beyond their depressing ability.

This creates demand for accurate cooking scales, scales that can weigh your ingredients with finesse – instead of you weeping in the corner covered in icing sugar.

Eatsmart knows what’s up.

This product is by far their best seller but if you look at their operation, there’s no reason why you can’t rake in the green using similar methods.

Holy Cashola sign me up!

You might think this is impossible – that you can’t possibly generate this kind of profit and badassery.

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