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naughty or nice?

My daughters posted their letters to Santa today

Isabella wants a camera and Charlotte wants “dollies”

In their letters they both wrote that they had been nice all year and so deserved nice presents

If you look back at your childhood… yeah I know it was a long time ago 😉

You’ll find, like me, that Santa was a great motivator to get stuff done

Eat your peas and carrots

Be nice to your siblings

Behave yourself

Tidy your room up

All that decidedly unfun stuff that adults made us do

Santa was the ultimate life coach!

Then as time went on we stop believing in Santa and we’re left to our own devices to motivate our behaviour

You have to become your own life coach

That’s a good thing right?

Well maybe.. maybe not

If you’re disciplined not to spend hours on Facebook instead of getting stuff done then bully for you

For most of us though we need Santa!

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You’ll have 246 other like minded folks all looking out for you and your business

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Not sure how to make sales fast?

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It’s the best god damn group of Aussies this side of the North Pole!

Santa’s got nothing on the presents we can help you get!

Sue got herself a brand new BMW thanks to her ecommerce business

That’s one heck of a present !!

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