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How Much Money Do You Need To Start An Amazon Business?

It’s the perennial question right?

How much start up cash do you need?

Well first up I want you to invest some money in this:

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs/

Because that is going to save you a ton of money, not making dumb mistakes is going to save you a ton of cash!

The course is 77 bucks a month, it’s cheap, it works and it’s the most comprehensive course on the market.

So start with that amigo, comprende?

Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

OK next

My Life As A Stripper
My Life As A Stripper

Well I have good news for you, starting an Amazon business is not going to require you to get a part time job at Spearmint Rhino so you can afford it!

It’s actually very cheap to get started.

That’s the great thing about an Amazon business, low start up costs.

Let’s see, you’ll need $30 a month for your Amazon seller fees.

You’ll need some product to sell, so if you’ve been paying attention you’ll recall you can buy your product wholesale here in Australia and start with that, then once you’ve made some cash start buying direct from China.

That’s the smart way to do this.

So let’s suppose you want to sell something that retails for $30, you can buy wholesale at $12 and you decide to invest in 30 units to get started.

So boys and girls 12 x 30 = $360

So $360 for your stock.

Your postage is paid by your customer of course so nothing to worry about there.

So we’re up to $390

Figure in 30 bucks for postage stuff, padded bags etc (pack and post yourself to start if you want) and now we’re at $420.

Remember that Amazon WANTS you to sell stuff.

They go out of their way to help you sell, so you can (and should) grease the wheels a little by running some Google ads or similar (not sure how to do that? Then get this course!) It teaches you how to do all this cool stuff.

56010404So say another $40 a month on ads and you’re looking at approx $500 to be in bidness baby!

Now, for those of you that don’t have $500 to invest in setting yourself free then please consider how you might be better suited getting that job at spearmint rhino first making a few tips and then getting started 🙂

FIRST things first


Neil 😀