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Should you move to China to get richer?

Here’s something that will bake your nogin

China gets a new billionaire every 5 days

Every 5 frickin days!!!

Right now there are more Billionaires in China than there are in the USA

The shift in power has begun

So that begs the question, if you want to make oodles of lovely cashola, should you move to China?

It’s a great question and the answer is


Here’s what I mean

If you want to make a ton of cashola then you should SELL in China from here in Oz

Chinese LOVE Australian products

From Ugg boots to baby formula Australian products are trusted and desired by the newly cashed up Chinese

So whilst most folks are trying to figure out how to buy cheap in China and then sell to the yanks

I say do the opposite!

Take Australian products and sell them to the Chinese

Works like gang busters!

Wanna learn how to do that?

Then I’m your man!

I’ll show you how to source your own products here in Oz and then i’ll show you how to sell them for the sort of mark-up in China that Pauline Hanson would be proud of 😉

You can learn more about joining 246 other Aussies that are making bank online here


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